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Posted: 16-01-2007
BAHRAIN. Leading loyalty programme debuts with over 57 brands.
Posted: 16-01-2007
UAE. Results of the MasterIndex of Consumer Confidence survey for the second half of 2006 shows that consumer confidence in the region remains strongly positive for the six months ahead. Saudi Arabia topped in overall consumer confidence with a score of 97.3 against 88.5 six months ago.
Posted: 05-02-2007
INTERNATIONAL., a leading job website in the Gulf has launched the widely awaited database of jobseekers from the Middle East and those who plan to move here.
Posted: 05-02-2007
INTERNATIONAL. AGRA Middle East Exhibition aims to spur GCC agricultural sector growth, as weak US Dollar accelerates rising cost of imports and aggravating inflation.
Posted: 16-02-2007
INTERNATIONAL. 52 companies from across the Middle East have been short-listed as the finalists for the forthcoming RetailME Awards 2007 in Dubai.
Posted: 20-02-2007
INTERNATIONAL. Among the companies expected to make announcements on developments is Tamdeen Shopping Centre Development Company (TSCD), Kuwait, which will update on the progress of two of its landmark ventures.
Posted: 13-03-2007
INTERNATIONAL. Middle East countries last year maintained relatively low living costs despite rising real estate prices, according to an annual worldwide ‘cost of living’ report conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). But pegging to the US Dollar, and the exclusion of accommodation costs from the report has, disguised some large increases in local prices.
Posted: 13-03-2007
INTERNATIONAL. More than 100 restaurants across theRaving Brands portfolio to be developed in partnership with AA Turki Corporation.
Posted: 20-03-2007
INTERNATIONAL. EMPA Business Solutions to offer Intura's POS software products in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar.
Posted: 03-04-2007
INTENATIONAL. Apparel Group franchise agreement covers Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with the first store opening in Dubai in May and further developments for 2007 planned in Saudi Arabia.
Posted: 10-04-2007
BAHRAIN. Deal will see Oracle providing BMMI with its E-Business Suite Solution, to help strengthen BMMI’s position as a regional and global player in the FMCG and third party logistics (3PL) arena.
Posted: 18-04-2007
INTERNATIONAL. ABC Group, Lebanon's largest retail developer and depatment store operator, is expanding into Jordan and Bahrain.
Posted: 24-04-2007
INTERNATIONAL. Four-day meeting discusses finalising and implementing the union's procedures, such as splitting the customs revenues between member nations after ending the interim phase, previous accords signed by number nations and difficulties facing the union.
Posted: 26-04-2007
INTERNATIONAL. Talks on launching free trade negotiations with key trade partners such as GCC countries and China gained momentum after Seoul reached a deal on an FTA with the US in early April.
Posted: 01-05-2007
BAHRAIN. Enthusiasm for the upcoming Bahrain City Centre has been so great that over 96% of its outlets have already been leased out more than a year before its scheduled opening date.
Posted: 12-05-2007
UAE. The Chairman of the British Business Group, Nick Dutt, has hailed this month's 'Britain in the Region' event as an ideal opportunity for British businesses established in the UAE to gain a foothold in markets across the Middle East.
INTERNATIONAL. AI is creating jobs, yet 80% of respondents say there is a lack of talent to fill positions; More than 50% of respondents use AI to improve products and increase efficiency; C-suite support and performance metrics are needed to scale AI strategies.