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Posted: 05-02-2006
INTERNATIONAL. The partners are confident consumers will embrace the Borders brand.
Posted: 25-02-2006
INTERNATIONAL. The UAE company is to invest US$40 million in expanding YO! Sushi and other branded food & beverage outlets.
Posted: 26-02-2006
INTERNATIONAL. Regional development plans are well underway for the homegrown brand Mex Chic’ Inn.
Posted: 01-03-2006
INTERNATIONAL. Poultry consumption is likely to fall this year in many countries in the Middle East, Europe and Africa that have been hit by bird flu, due to unfounded fears of disease says a UN agency.
Posted: 12-03-2006
INTERNATIONAL. A planned 25 new stores - including some Samsonite Black Label outlets - will be spread across the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.
Posted: 16-03-2006
INTERNATIONAL. The Middle East franchising market is a multi-billion sector with strong growth potential. The region's multicultural population is also growing and bringing with it a hearty appetite for varied cuisine from Tex-Mex brands to steak houses.
Posted: 22-03-2006
BAHRAIN. The event from 24 – 26 April 2006 is Bahrain’s first regional franchising exhibition and conference.
Posted: 17-04-2006
INTERNATIONAL. Together with its business partner, Savola group, the Malaysian fashion label has plans to expand from Saudi Arabia across the Middle East region.
Posted: 20-04-2006
INTERNATIONAL. We investigate how retailers and brands use training and other techniques to deal with issues of national preferences and customer morphology in the multi-faceted GCC market.
Posted: 23-04-2006
UAE. New technologies, mood management in brand spaces, and the rising share of Dubai in total GCC retail space - growing from 23% to 30% by 2010 - were among the key topics at the conference held on the sidelines of the Retail Middle East Exhibition in Sharjah this week.
Posted: 03-05-2006
INTERNATIONAL. L’Oréal Middle East Managing Director Robert Sirot assesses the world number one cosmetics company’s growth in the Middle East and the region's potential.
Posted: 18-05-2006
INTERNATIONAL. The trusted European hair care and colourant brand comes to the GCC market next month.
Posted: 31-05-2006
BAHRAIN. Beauty Arabia 2007 is already being promoted to attract beauty trade buyers from throughout the Arab world and in particular Saudi Arabia, the region’s biggest single beauty market.
Posted: 05-06-2006
INTERNATIONAL. With more than a million members in the UAE and Qatar, the rewards-for-spending scheme is hoping to add 100,000 new members in 2007 and achieve annual membership growth of 20% until 2010.
Posted: 19-06-2006
INTERNATIONAL. The Arab world is generating more and more business for Brazilian cosmetics, as companies like Amazon Secrets, Vita Derm, Cless Cosméticos and Beauty Color are just four players who reported successful business from Beautyworld Middle East.
Posted: 19-06-2006
INTERNATIONAL. New organisation targeted to deliver full range of creative, integrated and accountable marketing programmes.