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Posted: 22-12-2004
SAUDI ARABIA. Lower taxes and the recently formed Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA) but issues remaining on oil licences and labour shortages.
Posted: 29-12-2004
BAHRAIN. Saudi Arabia fears US goods, imported tariff-free into Bahrain, will be re-sold.
Posted: 04-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. FME taps into regional growth of the US$14 billion franchise business into new sectors.
Posted: 04-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Franchising now key to brand building in many areas.
Posted: 04-01-2005
SAUDI ARABIA. Experts say 120 Saudi brands are ripe for regional and global exploitation.
Posted: 05-01-2005
EGYPT. A tiger economy in waiting; in this report we detail Egypt's diverse demographics and new political directions in 2005.
Posted: 05-01-2005
IRAQ. The scale of the task facing the US and the international community in Iraq has been highlighted by the faltering progress in the oil industry. For now, reconstruction and a focus on restoring oil exports will most likely diminish the appetite for other imports in the next few years, apart from goods at the very top end and the bottom end of the social spectrum.
Posted: 10-01-2005
LIBYA. Specialist auto industry consultants CIP join our ranks of contributors.
Posted: 12-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. 2005 GDP growth to stay high after stellar year in 2004 with oil revenues up 35%.
Posted: 12-01-2005
SAUDI ARABIA. Government spending to be up sharply, despite still conservative forecasts.
Posted: 12-01-2005
UAE. DCCI predicts boom for service industries.
Posted: 12-01-2005
SYRIA. Business subject to largely under-utilised resources, pent-up growth potential.
Posted: 12-01-2005
UAE. Pressures to reform ownership of listed companies as regional stock markets become fluid.
Posted: 12-01-2005
UAE. Record-breaking figures from Department for Economic Development headed by construction sector.
Posted: 12-01-2005
IRAN. Demand for industrials high.
Posted: 14-01-2005
IRAN. Support for Iran in opening markets and adaptation to WTO.
UAE. The tax landscape has been transformed by the globalisation of business and the advent of the digital age; BEPS will have a broad impact on the region's businesses, says PwC.