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Posted: 31-07-2005
MOROCCO. Renault sees results from its investments in SOMACA (Societe Marocaine de Construction Automobile).
Posted: 14-09-2005
INTERNATIONAL. New technologies such as auto parking software and hybrid electric vehicles go under the microscope at Frankfurt International Motor Show.
Posted: 15-09-2005
UAE. The Auto Parts Re-export Show highlights issues of the parallel trade.
Posted: 15-09-2005
TUNISIA. Exports of auto parts almost doubled in 2004 as the number of Tunisian-foreign joint ventures in the industry rises to over 100.
Posted: 10-10-2005
UAE. Car rental firms respond to shift in the Dubai tourism market by offering greater choice of smaller, cheaper cars.
Posted: 10-10-2005
IRAN. A boost for the 800 active auto part producers in Iran, as Peugeot joins in the New Paykan, and Renault-Nissan with the L-90.
Posted: 10-10-2005
UAE. Nissan Middle East has achieved an automotive world-first by launching a dedicated on-line media channel providing a broadcast news service.
Posted: 10-10-2005
UAE. Auto Emirates responds to rising demand for used cars with a new section on its website and plans for a pre-owned car dealership.
Posted: 27-10-2005
IRAQ. Fuel shortages and car ownership are rising rapidly as Iraqis import more vehicles, an opportunity previously denied them. Meanwhile Industry Minister Dr Hajim Al-Hassani has called for revival of contracts with GM and others for car plants.
Posted: 27-10-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Our automotive page sponsor CIP Development has announced an industry seminar for the Middle East from 24-26 January 2006.
Posted: 09-11-2005
UAE. BMW Group Middle East today denied a newspaper report issued by Khaleej Times claiming that it is considering relocating some of its operations from Dubai elsewhere in the region.
Posted: 10-11-2005
IRAN. The auto market has exploded as more than 15,000 luxury cars costing up to US$145,000 have been imported into Iran since March, despite still high taxes.
Posted: 16-11-2005
UAE. BMW Group Middle East announces two major enhancements to its innovative BMW ConnectedDrive concept in the UAE.
Posted: 20-11-2005
UAE. Over 85,000 visitors are expected at the Dubai Motor Show next month.
Posted: 21-11-2005
UAE. The new Ferrari Concept, themed around an exclusive brand experience, with hotels, simulators, residential and hospitality elements, will open in Abu Dhabi in 2008.
Posted: 23-11-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Bosch supplies numerous components for the Mercedes-Benz R, S, M, A, B and now the new R-Class.