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Posted: 02-12-2004
SYRIA. Middle East Research and Information Project on the two tracks of Syria's reform process.
Posted: 02-01-2006
IRAN. The retail industry in Iran is largely in the hands of independent retailers (who operate through the bazaar networks) and foreign involvement is minimal.
Posted: 02-07-2004
LEBANON. We track Beirut's retail renaissance from the pre-Solidere period and the first Spinneys of 1998 to the current phase of sky-high rents and new entrants to the market.
Posted: 20-01-2006
LIBYA. Since June 2003, the process of reforming the Libyan economy accelerated, with the establishment of a multi-year economic strategy that involves the IMF, the removal of the previously required import licences, the abandoning of the double-taxation mechanism and other moves to open up the economy.
Posted: 05-09-2006
OMAN. Carrefour impacts on the retail scene since its entry in 2001 as major supermarket chains such as Al Fair, Al Jadeed, and Pic-N-Save have all seen a drop in market share.
Posted: 13-01-2006
YEMEN. Agriculture and equipment offer some of the best investment opportunities.
Posted: 05-04-2006
SAUDI ARABIA. All the major hypermarket operators Carrefour, HyperPanda, Geant and Giant accelerated their openings in 2005, a sign of where the market is going. Food and non-food retail trends in the biggest Gulf consumer market analysed in detail in this report.
Posted: 21-12-2004
SYRIA. Textiles, apparel producers in a tangle, bracing for globalisation that could shake up the rigid retail sector.
Posted: 21-12-2004
UAE. Retailing becomes an increasingly important part of the economy.
Posted: 05-01-2005
EGYPT. Challenges and achievements in reform of Egypt's significant farming sector.
Posted: 05-01-2005
SAUDI ARABIA. A highly-stratified industry with some world-class producers.
Posted: 05-01-2005
IRAQ. A shift to market system and reconstruction in one of the most complex irrigation networks in the world.
Posted: 05-01-2005
OMAN. Agriculture and fisheries account for an average 30% of Oman's main non-oil exports.
Posted: 06-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. An analysis of growing consumer power, distribution structures and advertising adaptation in the Middle East.
Posted: 06-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Despite periodic boycotts of American brands, studies from TNS and others show that consumption is strong.
Posted: 12-01-2005
SYRIA. Business subject to largely under-utilised resources, pent-up growth potential.
INTERNATIONAL. thyssenkrupp Materials Services relies on Microsoft for in-house solution development; AI as an essential component of the holistic digitalization strategy; Customers benefit from individualized offers and more efficient processes.