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Posted: 15-05-2005
BAHRAIN. Consumer behaviour in the tiny archipelago is less affected by tourism and other global factors compared to the UAE; Arab nationals represent a higher proportion of the population but oil is still a factor.
Posted: 21-12-2004
BAHRAIN. The Kingdom was the first GCC country to take the pioneering move to allow foreign investors 100% ownership of land and businesses in pre-determined areas and sectors.
Posted: 21-12-2004
BAHRAIN. An example of Bahrain's evolving steps toward an even more transparent economic environment is the recent modification to the Commercial Companies Law.
Posted: 29-12-2004
BAHRAIN. Saudi Arabia fears US goods, imported tariff-free into Bahrain, will be re-sold.
Posted: 04-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. FME taps into regional growth of the US$14 billion franchise business into new sectors.
Posted: 04-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Franchising now key to brand building in many areas.
Posted: 12-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. 2005 GDP growth to stay high after stellar year in 2004 with oil revenues up 35%.
Posted: 14-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Auto warranty specialist passes the 400,000 customer mark.
Posted: 14-01-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Nissan sales rise 46% as marketing efforts materialise.
Posted: 25-01-2005
BAHRAIN. Thoughts on process management, the Six Sigma Academy and programme details for next-month's Gulf Excellence.
Posted: 08-03-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Saudi Arabia and Oman emerge as the fastest-growing markets for Land Rover.
Posted: 11-03-2005
INTERNATIONAL. WTO's first ten years "a qualified success", says Director General Supachai Panitchpakdi in this speech.
Posted: 21-03-2005
UAE. A positive view of the Middle East in the world emerges from the Finance, Credit and International Business (FCIB) conference.
Posted: 21-03-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Experiments with hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars move into the mainstream.
Posted: 04-04-2005
INTERNATIONAL. Registration opens for conference involving senior G-8 officials and government, financial and business leaders from the Middle East and North Africa.
Posted: 11-04-2005
INTERNATIONAL. General Motors Middle East sales witnessed outstanding 35% growth in first quarter 2005.