Saradar Bank and Eurisko Mobility release Lebanon's first bank account digital onboarding journey
Source: PRNewswire for Saradar Bank , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Wed April 24, 2019 1:12 pm

BEIRUT, April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its intensive digital transformation journey, Saradar Bank wanted to pioneer the Lebanese market by introducing a fully digital onboarding system.

The main challenge was to create a dynamic compliance-ready platform that allows potential customers to fill their KYC, easily apply for loans and cards, track their progress and set appointments with the Bank's representatives, using an intuitive user interface.

The Bank selected Eurisko Mobility based on their local and international success stories in the FinTech industry.
"We wanted to introduce a cutting-edge product that serves the digital needs of our customers, streamlines with our digital strategy, while complying with all regulations set by the Central Bank of Lebanon. A combination of technical breakthrough based on the latest trends, innovative enterprise-level user experience and agile methodology were key components for the project's success. We partnered up with Eurisko Mobility to execute the project end-to-end and we're proud to announce that we succeeded in building a top-notch system that meets the expectations of our digital savvy target segment," said Wael Badro, Head of Digital Marketing at Saradar Bank.

Given the aggressive timeline of the project, adopting an agile methodology based on SCRUM model allowed continuous delivery and feedback, while minimizing overhead.

"Saradar Bank is one of our major partners in Lebanon and the purpose was to deliver a high-end software product. We allocated both on-site and on-premise teams of scrum masters, UX/UI experts, developers and QA engineers in order to boost productivity and client satisfaction," said Edgard Tawk, Chief Executive Officer at Eurisko Mobility.

"The software was built using microservice architecture and latest trends in back-end, front-end and database development. The main challenge from a technical perspective was building a fully dynamic, scalable and secure system that complies with regulations, seamlessly integrates with the Bank's Omni channel platform without compromising on the innovative user experience," added Ziad Tawk, Chief Technology Officer at Eurisko Mobility.

The released Digital Onboarding journey will allow Saradar Bank to offer a pioneering onboarding & product enrollment experience to its current & potential customers and maintain its lead as one of Lebanon's most innovative banks.

Photo Caption: Saradar Bank Digital Onboarding System developed by Eurisko Mobility (PRNewsfoto/Saradar Bank,Eurisko Mobility)

About Saradar Bank
Saradar Bank is a pioneering force in the region's digital banking landscape with top-tier private, commercial and retail banking services. Its optimized network of 17 branches supports a unique, innovative digital platform across mobile and online interfaces, enabling Saradar Bank to serve all its clients with reliable and efficient instruments, products and services.

About Eurisko Mobility
Eurisko Mobility is Lebanon & Middle East's Leading Firm in Enterprise-level Mobile & Web Development for FinTech and other industries. We combine the latest trends in User Experience / User Interface design, Development, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery in order to deliver Cutting-edge Software Products. Our FinTech products include Digital Experience Platform, Personal Finance Manager and Digital Onboarding / Product Enrollment System.

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