Qintar Capital Switzerland and the Islamic Blockchain (ISL) Sarl, announced the launch of Qintar - the world's first Sharia-compliant token
Source: PRNewswire for Qintar Capital Switzerland , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Sat April 13, 2019 4:10 pm

UAE. -- /PRNewswire/ -- Initiated in 2018, the ISL blockchain project was launched to change the way that cryptocurrencies are designed and developed - the goal is to provide a blockchain environment that integrates the needs of users, systems and the markets.

The True P2P Network
With Qintar it is only the traders that control their transactions, data, and strategy without third party interference. Every transaction is digitally signed and timestamped - this allows the token holders to trace every transaction, safe in the knowledge that the ISL blockchain's audit quality is working for them.

Once initiated the transaction cannot be canceled or frozen - forgery is eliminated and allows traders to accept as many international transactions as they wish.

The Qintar platform ensures the following:

- Sharia Compliant Token: It is based on Islamic Blockchain (ISL) – a private blockchain that has received a Fatwa from several Islamic scholars and researchers which can only be bought through a direct transfer to Qintar Capital's bank account in switzerland preventing forgery risks, to comply with Sharia law.
- ISL Blockchain: All financial products and contracts issued via ISL Blockchain are in accordance with Islamic principles: no Riba (payment of interest), no prohibited activities such as alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc.

The Future is Bright with Qintar
Qintar believes in the ISL blockchain - as such they are partnering with companies in different sectors to make online transactions easier, faster, less costly and more convenient for the users.

Moreover, Qintar services such as airline bookings and hotel reservation or even Udhiyya (livestock for sacrifice) using a crypto-wallet on a mobile device through Qintar channels (Seitra, Udhiyya) which is Qintar's Immediate Goal.

From institutional and private investors to individual traders and individuals, they have attracted great interest - the plans are solid, the platform is strong and the market is embracing Qintar, as a huge conservative investments will be implemented in the future. It is only a matter of time before Qintar becomes the industry standard.

Contacts: info@qintar.ch

Photo Caption: Qintar makes waves with the innovative ISL Blockchain



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