Raysut Cement holds change management and business re-engineering workshop
Source: AETOSWire for Raysut Cement , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Mon March 11, 2019 11:44 am

OMAN. --(AETOSWire)-- In an initiative to bring its employees up to speed on the modern techniques and business processes that will support growth and development, Raysut Cement said it organized a high-level workshop to its employees on change management and business re-engineering.

The workshop held at Salalah Garden Hotel was meant to help reorient its key employees to equip them with critical awareness on the challenges an organization comes across when it is on a growth phase which will necessitate imperative restructuring of business operations at all levels.

Raysut is in a rapid, meaningful expansion and investment phase and employees are key to the success of organizational changes since they will be responsible at the execution end of it. The workshop has been held in this context of upgrading the perception of employees on what an organization goes through during times of change,” said Mr. Joey Ghose, the Group CEO of Raysut Cement.

Raysut is Oman’s largest cement manufacturer with significant and emerging interests in the MENA region. The company has also recently announced its intention to aggressively expand in East and Central Africa as part of its strategic growth ambitions.

The workshop at Raysut titled, “Change Management and Business Process Re-engineering Programme,’ was conducted by Vic Williams from the London-based The Audacious Company, with participation of 37 employees.

The workshop began by introducing the concept of change and the importance of it in the context of Raysut. It focused on the importance of future planning at department level to the field to reflect the changes as envisioned by the company in its quest for excellence and inclusive growth.

The workshop also highlighted the mechanisms and techniques of change and engaged the participants in scientific and practical discussions on the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their suitability and compatibility with Raysut’s strategic objectives.



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