Performance-based affiliate marketing network launches in GCC
Source: IH-C for ArabClicks , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Mon February 11, 2019 1:19 pm

UAE. ArabClicks, the performance-based marketing platform, set to deliver unrivalled sales results for the GCC e-commerce industry, is now live.
Offering one of the most cost-effective marketing channels, ArabClicks, co-founded by university peers, the Harvard alumni Khaled Al Huraimel and Mauro Romano, was recently launched at the Dubai Future Accelerators Hub, Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE.
The platform serves as an online hub, connecting a myriad of traffic sources to e-commerce merchants, enabling online retailers across the Gulf to maximise their audience size and potential revenue, while empowering publishers and influencers to profit from their digital assets, content and audience-base.
Headquartered in Dubai, ArabClicks harnesses its relationships with leading online publishers and social influencers to deliver high-volume, quality traffic to online retailers, expanding their reach and increasing sales in the most cost-effective form of advertising - performance-based affiliate marketing, where brands pay only for sales made.
The platform pairs local and global, best-selling brands and services with online publishers and social influencers providing them with the opportunity to monetise their content by promoting these brands, products and services across channels such as websites, mobile applications, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, blogs and other social channels.
According to a recent study by PayFort, the GCC’s online retail revenues are expected to reach US$69 billion by 2020. The UAE leads the way regionally in terms of online sales, with 62 per cent of citizens now shopping online, and annual sales expected to reach US$23.7 billion by 2022. By 2020, Saudi Arabia is projected to overtake the UAE and become the top market for retail e-commerce sales.
ArabClicks Co-Founder and Chairman Khaled Al Huraimel said: “The online shopping mega-trend has transformed the dynamics of consumer behaviour and requires brands to establish a strong omnichannel presence. To this end, local and global online retailers are currently advancing on multiple fronts, such as payment and logistics, in order to provide a smooth, localised shopping experience for their shoppers.
Online retailers and global merchants alike are dedicating more budget and resources to online advertising channels. However, there are a few identified market gaps around their success in this arena - which ArabClicks has launched in order to address.”
ArabClicks Co-founder and CEO Mauro Romano continues: “It’s costly and difficult to both advertisers and publishers to manage a large unique network of marketing partners, even once they are identified and contracted. We provide a single go-to point of contact for both parties to manage their online marketing activities.”
ArabClicks has already integrated with some of the region’s biggest platforms including: Noon, Souq, Namshi, Amazon, Wojooh, eBay, Tajawal, Sprii, iHerb, Ounass and many others, which is in line with the company’s objective of becoming the affiliate network of the Arab World.

Photo Caption: ArabClicks Co-Founder and Chairman Khaled Al Huraimel

About ArabClicks
ArabClicks is the performance-marketing network for the countries of the GCC – the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman – with influence throughout the Middle East and North African regions. ArabClicks provides game-changing solutions for the e-commerce marketing industry in the Arab world, together with a deep understanding of unique, localised needs. Headquartered in Dubai, ArabClicks maintains strong relationships with leading local advertisers, publishers and influencers to ensure offers and traffic sources no other network can provide, thus creating collaborative opportunities that are highly profitable for both sides.

ArabClicks deals with the highest-converting products and services, which in turn increase sales and drive revenues on a mutually beneficial cost-per-sale basis. With over 20 years of experience in online performance marketing and its on-the-ground, fully Arabic services and support team, ArabClicks is uniquely positioned to create a profitable business opportunity for both advertisers and publishers. Whether a brand looking for more customers and sales, or an influencer looking to monetise a social channel, partnering with ArabClicks will enable higher profit generation and a more empowered future.
About Khaled Al Huraimel
Co-Founder and Chairman of ArabClicks

Khaled Al Huraimel is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah and has served in this capacity since August 2009. Under his leadership, Bee’ah has transformed from a waste management company to a sustainability pioneer which is setting new benchmarks for quality of life across MENA.

Khaled has been the driving force behind Bee’ah’s vision for the future, facilitating the achievement of several remarkable milestones, such as building the first waste-to-energy plant in the Middle East through the Emirates Waste to Energy Company, a joint venture with Masdar. He established ION, the first sustainable transport company in the UAE; and founded Evoteq to lead digital transformation through the creation of disruptive, technological platforms.

Taking the helm when Bee’ah was in the preliminary stages of pursuing a zero-waste ambition, Khaled embraced this ambition and took it even further. He implemented state-of-the-art solutions and a unique approach to a circular economy, supporting Bee’ah to establish the UAE’s first fully integrated waste management complex and to achieve the highest waste diversion rates in the Middle East. From improving the quality of natural resources like air and water, to executing awareness initiatives for communities, Bee’ah has taken a holistic approach to environmental management under Khaled’s stewardship.

Khaled has led the diversification of Bee’ah’s portfolio, investing in ventures ranging from renewable energy, to healthcare, mobility, and technology, executing an all-encompassing master plan to raise living standards across the region. Championing the Middle East’s move towards green architectural solutions, Khaled is also overseeing the establishment of Bee’ah’s new headquarters. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the sustainable, net-zero energy building is slated be the smartest office in the region.

Prior to joining Bee’ah, Khaled held leadership roles at ENOC, Nakheel and Arabian Global Investments, using innovative insights to achieve remarkable results. He also founded several successful startups.

Khaled graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, from King Fahd University, and an MBA from the University of Bradford. He also graduated from the Harvard Business School’s prestigious Senior Executive Leadership Program and the Dubai Leaders Program at Wharton Business School.
About Mauro Romano
Co-Founder and Chairman of ArabClicks

Mauro Romano is a Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ArabClicks owned by Morexa DMCC, and is responsible for the deployment of the business strategy and operations.
Until starting ArabClicks, Mauro headed European and US sales and trading for the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange. In 2010, Mauro led the European strategy and client tech integration for the London Stock Exchange and Turquoise Multilateral Trading Facility. In 2004, Mauro took the role of the London manager of the Bank of New York Mellon and then ABN Amro Bank.
Mauro Romano holds a BS and MS in International Economics from Parthenope University (Naples, Italy), Master in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy), Senior Executive Leadership Program from Harvard Business School (Boston, USA).
About Claire Letouzey
Chief Marketing Officer of ArabClicks

Claire Letouzey is the Chief Marketing Officer of ArabClicks and thus, the face of our company.
Claire plays a key role in developing our marketing strategy to fulfil our vision of bringing together the best possible partners in the region to create profitable collaborations for all. As well as the top advertisers with the best products and deals paying the highest commissions, Claire has brought the leading publishers and influencers into our ArabClicks marketplace. This successful combination creates a win-win relationship, increasing profits for all our ArabClicks partners.
Claire comes to ArabClicks with extensive experience in affiliate marketing and digital strategies having spent many years working in these sectors across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She was responsible for introducing and managing the FOREO brand in the MENA region, overseeing the client relationship plan and developing the new partners’ target tactic, both for luxury and FMCG retail.



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