Pinterest travel trend for 2018 comes to life in Jordan's 'Valley of the Moon'
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Posted: Thu July 26, 2018 2:45 pm

JORDAN. Wadi Rum through the eyes of the Bedouins – Found in southern Jordan, Wadi Rum is a protected desert offering striking sandstone formations, unique arches, and caverns, and is home to local Bedouins.

The Bedouins are a nomadic tribe that live and breathe the rugged desert terrain and are known for their generous sense of hospitality, tradition and for developing Wadi Rum as a tourist destination.

According to Pinterest’s travel trends for 2018, travelers are more and more interested in local travel (+146% pins for “local travel”), meaning living like a local and feeling connected to the genuine reality.

For travelers looking to immerse themselves in authentic and holistic travel experiences, desert destinations have become the front-runner: “Desert travel” has recently risen by +125%, appearing in more and more users boards.

Ben Julius, CEO of Tourist Jordan, confirms those Pinterest trends: “In recent years we’ve experienced a growing demand for trips into the Wadi Rum Desert”. He continues to explain, “In 2018, the travel trends from millennial backpackers seeking the perfect Instagram post, to experienced luxury travelers looking for the ultimate relaxation, one thing is in common – authentic holistic experience”.

Transformative travel that takes tourists out of the ordinary, beyond the normal sites and takes them right into the action – for example with the Wadi Rum Bedouin Experience Tour offered by Tourist Jordan, which is a three day holistic and well-rounded tour introducing Bedouin culture in the desert.

Image: Tourist Jordan

The three-day experience includes guided Jeep Tours through the protected park of Wadi Rum, exploration through the Wadi Rum Nature Reserve including the Lawrence Spring and rest and relaxation while sipping sweet tea and taking in the quiet surroundings. The tour also includes all guided touring, overnight accommodation in a chalet tent or “Martian tent” under the stars and meals offering authentic Jordanian cooking.

Led and facilitated by a licensed Jordanian and Bedouin guide, offered in English, this thorough Wadi Rum Bedouin Experience package invites visitors to a comprehensive experience of the Jordanian desert.

Image: Tourist Jordan

With dramatic cliffs, red sands, roaming camels and an unforgettable sunrise and sunset, Wadi Rum has a lot to offer travelers – an escape to serene quietness and immense natural beauty which can only be felt from the desert. Seeing this rare and special way of Jordanian life through the eyes of the Bedouins themselves is a unique experience.

As Pinterest suggests to its pinners, Find New Ideas To Try. Joining a tour to the Jordanian desert is an authentic way for tourists to get introduced to a new culture, a new experience and will certainly help Pinterest users create their own photos which other users will want to pin.

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