Medlab Media Group brings Artificial Intelligence to the medical sector in the MENA region
Source: PRNewswire for MedLab Media Group , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Wed September 12, 2018 1:24 pm

UAE. --/PRNewswire/-- MedLab Media Group (MMG), the Spanish start-up focused on the development of a medical ecosystem based on artificial intelligence, announced its inaugural participation at the Global Health Exhibition to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 10 to 12 September 2018.

At the occasion, the company will present its products, with which it aims to empower the global healthcare community through knowledge, communication and technology. Its exciting product offering includes a newly developed search engine for medical use based on artificial intelligence, an encrypted communication system for the healthcare environment and a digital card for medical professionals.
MMG's interest and expansion plan in the MENA region comes at a time of recent major developments and initiatives in the healthcare sector undertaken by governments in a bid to address regional challenges. In this regard, the integration of advanced technology into the region's healthcare systems has become a priority.

As mobile technology emerges as the platform of choice for creating, distributing and consuming innovative digital solutions in the region, MMG is seeking to capitalize on that by introducing its innovative mobile solutions to the market to support the growth of the healthcare sector.

Oleg Vorontsov, CEO at MMG said: "MMG's objective is to provide to the entire medical community equal opportunities by offering immediate access to information, regardless of geographic location and economic situation. MMG has the ambition to become a world reference in e-health, supported by blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and encrypted communication systems.

"The MENA region is witnessing rapid transformation and governments are putting a lot of efforts through initiatives and projects to support the demand for quality services in healthcare. The sector presents a great opportunity for MMG as it has emerged as one of the most critical sectors for pursuing economic diversification in most of countries in the region. We want to leverage on the opportunity to advance these countries' objectives to further boost the sector and bring innovative and quality services. As we expand in the region, we count on our participation at Healthcare Global in Saudi Arabia to showcase our unique offering to the sector."

Among the products that MMG offers to the doctor of the future is DeepAIMed, an intelligent search engine for medical use, currently available in English and Spanish. The tool is developed with its own state-of-the-art technology based on artificial intelligence and capable of understanding databases of medical texts. The tool is based on graph and hypergraph theory, Kernel theory and natural language processing (NLP).

DeepAIMed is also capable of analyzing scientific texts to track known concepts and relate to each other, generating new concepts. You can make inferences, deduce new information and sort it by relevance using mathematical representation in the form of graphs and Kernel theory.

In addition, you can abstract the language and represent the content through alphanumeric codes, regardless of the language in which it was written, with the help of the SNOMED ontology, the most accurately coded and multilingual terminology product that exists today.

To feed its intelligent search engine, MMG has more than 10,000 medical news items from different specialities, more than 18,000 references to medicines extracted from pharmacological guides, 21,098 active ingredients, 7,937 technical data sheets, 1,510 laboratories, more than 70,000 entries to dictionaries, more than 200 medical calculators, more than 1,800,000 scientific research articles and more than 2,400 clinical guides and protocols.

"Artificial intelligence will truly change the future of medicine. Soon, access to scientific knowledge will undergo profound changes; big data will change the way health professionals work and artificial intelligence will be next method of consultation. This is not science fiction", added Voronstov.

This intelligent medical search engine will make it easier for doctors to quickly obtain relevant information by keyword search or using natural language processing from the most reliable sources in the scientific world which will ultimately benefit clinical practice globally.

DeepAIMed is the new tool for doctors of the future to make decisions. Doctors will have immediate access to quality information and answers to specific or rare conditions, which will avoid mistakes and make more agile and efficient the diagnosis.

Encrypted communication
In addition, at Riyadh MMG will introduce MedsBla which is an innovative encrypted messaging system that provides a secure communication environment for doctors, other healthcare professionals, patients, medical students and administrators of Medical Institutions.

The professional will be able to separate their personal and professional communications in an environment that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which is the strictest European and American legislation respectively.

MMG's innovative application offers final users two communication environments: the global community and private channels for doctors of Medical Institutions (through license). In the global community, each user can exchange information with the rest of users. The first step is the free initial download of the application to your mobile device, either IOS or Android. The user then sends contact proposal to interested members. The platform is also available on web browser.

MedsBla's private channel is a premium option for hospitals, clinics, medical centres or different types of organizations, societies, schools, foundations... whose members want to communicate privately and create their own groups. With this channel, contracted by health entities, the global community will also be available. Both environments share the basic features of a messaging system, as well as many useful tools for the physician.

MedsBla Tools includes a pharmacological guide, medical calculators, a 3D anatomy system (BioDigital), updated medical news by specialty and an online conference section that will bring the user closer to the medicine of the future. All of them are also available to the ID Doct users, an application that allows doctors to identify themselves digitally and to quickly and directly access all the services offered by administrations.

In essence, it is a digital card, which allows the registered doctor to always have an official identification validated by the corresponding institutions without having to carry a physical card. In addition, you can store any documentation you wish in your account. It is also a system of direct communication between medical professionals and administration. It can be used to send health alerts, carry out surveys, etc.

MMG is working with Nodalblock to incorporate Blockchain technology into the company's products to validate and verify identities and documents. Last June, both organizations signed an agreement to jointly create a semi-public certification network that will guarantee the identity of the recipients and recipients of each message, as well as their content.

The system combines the information by blocks, which are in turn arranged in an articulated chain. Each block contains information from the previous one, so, it can only be modified by altering the whole set using asymmetric cryptography. This system guarantees the security of the communication.

Photo caption: DeepAIMed, a medical search engine based on artificial intelligence (PRNewsfoto/Medlab Media Group)

About MedLab Media Group
As mentioned previously, MMG is a technological start-up which was born at the end of 2015 to offer the physician of the future with tools to facilitate daily clinical practice and decision making with its 60 + highly specialized employees in fields not limited to computer science, research, design, journalism and business.

The company is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with offices in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Mumbai (India) and Mexico City (Mexico). It has the institutional support of CONFEMEL (Latin American and Caribbean Medical Confederation) and works with public and private organizations, such as the Rey Juan Carlos University, the Medical College of Mexico or NodalBlock.



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