IntelyseYou partners with Aspen for medical response as part of travel risk management solution
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Posted: Wed September 12, 2018 1:04 pm

UAE, -- /PRNewswire/ -- Intelyse, a Sicuro Group company announced on Tuesday that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Aspen Medical International to deliver a full travel risk management solution as an integral part of their IntelyseYou product.

IntelyseYou is a highly flexible product that integrates and simplifies sophisticated communication tools, global incident feeds, tracking solutions and security and medical response for the duty of care and accountability for employers and employees, globally.

The IntelyseYou solution includes an intuitive smartphone application that enables location-based incident alerts, two-way messaging, an SOS panic and auto-call to Sicuro's 24hr/365 Global Operations Center.

Health & Safety, Security or Operations Managers back in a corporate HQ can actively measure individual risk against organisational boundaries and monitor the activity and movements from the IntelyseYou platform or on its management app, whilst preserving the privacy of the user.

Those involved in the management of the organisation's risk can minimise the impact of identified threats by locating and mass-messaging their employees in near real-time in case of a crisis or a catastrophic incident.

"IntelyseYou has been developed to bespoke requirements from a number of clients and integrates industry best practice across its capabilities. We believe it challenges existing products in a crowded market place due to its flexibility and ability to customise - creating a lower priced entry point and ease of use," states Eleanor Berry, the product lead from Intelyse. "Not forgetting the advantage of quality supporting staff and infrastructure."

The new partnership with Aspen Medical International will offer a 24/7 emergency medical response and bolster IntelyseYou's evacuation coverage for clients operating in many high-risk environments particularly in the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia. This complements IntelyseYou's security response, which is also supported, globally.

Dr. Andrew Walker, Aspen's Executive Chairman says "we are excited about this new partnership, it adds to our existing portfolio of delivering multi award-winning medical solutions to a range of sectors, globally."

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About Sicuro Group
Sicuro Group LLC is an ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant group of companies, of which Intelyse LLC is a member company. Sicuro Group members have been serving energy, security, logistics, government, development and extractive sectors with their information, communication, tracking and response needs since 2005.

About Aspen Medical
Aspen Mledical International LLC is part of the Aspen Medical Pty Ltd group, a global provider of guaranteed, innovative and tailored healthcare solutions across a diverse range of sectors. The company has been supporting remote, challenging or under-resourced environments in medical needs since 2003 and is ISO 90001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.



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