Dubai based Mint Creative Production partners with RAZ Holdings to create a themed entertainment powerhouse in Saudi Arabia
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Posted: Mon April 16, 2018 12:03 pm

UAE. Dubai based Mint Creative Production and Saudi based RAZ Holdings Group have entered into a strategic partnership to create a themed entertainment powerhouse in Saudi Arabia. They made this announcement during the Dubai Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure Show 2018 (DEAL 2018).

Both the Managing Partners at Mint Creative Production, Zafer Shakhshir and Wassim Shaya, stated that, “This partnership will allow us to share new creative ideas in one of the growing markets in the region. Our wealth of experience spanning 15 years that we have gathered in Dubai and the region has encouraged us to ink this partnership with RAZ Holding. We’re confident that together we will boost the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia.  We aim to add value to the country’s growing requirements of themeparks, leisure museums and amusement industries.”

The Dubai based Mint Creative Production is the regional leader in architectural theming and 3D fabrication.  Its rich portfolio includes several signature theme parks such as the Dubai Parks and Resorts, Global Village and the upcoming Warner Bros themepark.

In addition, the company is associated with several edutainment centers, museums, indoor and outdoor theming and hard landscaping, events, decorations, visual merchandising, 3D printing and props.

Riad Al Zamil from RAZ Holding welcomed the venture by commenting, “This unique partnership with one of the region’s biggest success stories complements our credentials. For us this is a great step forward and we believe that this association will prove to be a game changer not only for us but also the industry.”

Riad added, “Today starts a very busy decade of creative projects between us and Mint Creative Production, and we are confident that we will be announcing many landmarks and unique projects in the kingdom.”

As for Saudi based RAZ Holdings, it enjoys partnerships with numerous big-ticket international joint ventures. They are active investors in over 50 companies across diverse sectors like: medical distribution, metal fabrication, entertainment, media agencies and creative houses.

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