VALTRANS to launch brand new valet app
Source: AETOS Wire , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Tue March 13, 2018 11:15 am

UAE. -- (AETOSWire) -- Renowned for its network of support throughout the GCC as a reputable leader in transportation, Valtrans has set in motion it’s vision for a tech savvy and green efficient valet system within the UAE; the benefits of using the app entail quick vehicle retrieval requests at any time, complementary valet for specified bank cards, a rewards program and simplified payment methods done directly from your phone.

“Our in-house engineers are always looking for new ways to make services offered more straightforward, and I’m proud to say that this app is the next stage in advancing your driving experience.” Said Imad Alameddine, Valtrans Group General Manager.

With all the developments in mobile technology, Valtrans is the first to make valet parking a seamless activity for clients. The valet app not only enables for a more pleasant customer experience, but also saves attendants more energy and less room for error. Furthermore, the app also supports community goals for a cleaner environment by implementing completely paperless executions.

This is the first initiative set out by any Dubai based company to eliminate the use of paper at prime locations in the Middle East. The difference between Valtrans and other valet groups is that the focus is beyond just efficiency, but towards bettering everyday life, by consistently staying connected to users and helping them make the most out of their interactions.

In accordance with that philosophy, the app offers an optional comment/review page, a 24/7 helpline, and a rewards program that you use to acquire various promotions through accumulating points.

In conclusion, you can valet your car on arrival, automatically pay for it, and depart with it effortlessly, all at the push of a button. If there was a motto for this app, it would be ‘Less Hassle, More Gains.’

The app is currently up and running on Google play and Apple store; give it a shot for a smoother parking experience.

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About Valtrans:
Valtrans Transportation Systems and Services has been meeting the need for innovative and efficient transportation services solutions since 2003. It is the first company in the Gulf region to integrate network transportation solutions with hospitality. It provides its bespoke valet parking services, car park smart solutions, coach and shuttle services, limousine services and traffic management to 200 locations including 94 Luxury Hotels, 18 Famous Malls, 12 Private Hospitals, 3 International Airports.

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