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ACRIS 3 Summit - Averda showcases new experiences for a better waste management ecosystem
Source: Soap-Box for Averda , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Fri March 9, 2018 1:11 pm

MOROCCO. As part of its ongoing commitment to the environment and the communities it serves, Averda has been highly involved in the third “Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit (ACRIS 3)” held in Marrakech.
In line with the COP22 also held in Morocco in 2016 in which Averda has been proactively involved, ACRIS 3 convened a set of high-level expert panels to showcase priority areas of private sector investment for climate resilient infrastructure in Africa - a fundamental building block for Africa to meet its sustainable development goals.
As a sponsor of the conference along with the World Bank Group, The African Union Commission, and The European Investment Bank, Averda contributed to a key panel discussion on Climate Resilient Transport, along with the role of innovation and technology in providing cleaner solutions to the waste management problems faced today.
During the conference, Averda shared their insight and experience regarding the role technology can play in enabling climate reliance waste management services. From smart tracking systems to map the city through GPRS on company vehicles and sensors on the bins, Averda can choose the optimum route allowing it to reduce fuel and emissions in its Euro 5 compliant fleet.

Other critical areas covered were the impact on culverts and gutters where heavy rain can quickly bring piles of waste into public areas. Having the right systems and control centers Averda can address these kind of issues and even report back on problems incurred on the route. Using big data collected from thousands of kilometers of transporting, Averda could work with urban planners to identify improvements to infrastructure or safeguarding systems against increasingly diverse climate change.
Philippa Charlton Averda’s Chief Marketing Officer showcased the company’s services and discussed the impact of rainfall and roads infrastructure, design and planning on the transport, collection and treatment of waste, and focused on the benefits offered to waste management ecosystems as a result of the improvement of transport infrastructure.
Charlton commented “the experience Averda has accumulated in Africa and the Middle East makes the company uniquely proficient in offering specialised, realistic and economically feasible solutions based on a deep understanding of the unique challenges this region faces in relation to demographics, climate change and economic drivers, all of which play a significant part in managing waste in the MENA region”.
A long time campaigner for enhanced partnerships between the public and the private sectors, Averda believes such synergy is key to achieve sustainable waste solutions that take into consideration the unique challenges of climate change on waste ecosystems.

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About Averda:
Averda is the largest environmental solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa region, specializing in integrated resources management. Headquartered in Dubai for its GCC markets, and in London for its other international markets, Averda is at the forefront of innovation, providing sustainable solutions and more than 35 years of experience in the effective management of waste for both private and public sector clients across pedestrian, residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Averda's extensive portfolio of services range from street cleaning to waste collection, treatment, disposal and recycling. The company’s capabilities also include the development of solutions for water, wastewater and solid waste for public, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, all within a sustainable framework that respects the natural environment. Averda also designs and implements full-scale solutions to recover valuable and recyclable resources like paper, metals and water.

Serving in excess of 9 million people every day, Averda currently operates in full compliance with international standards for quality control throughout Congo, Gabon, Morocco, Oman, Republic of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.



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