Future Cities Show aims at urban innovation as key opportunity for GCC
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Posted: Thu March 8, 2018 10:53 am

UAE. Dubai city not only as a milieu but also as a principal example of the specific challenges that cities around the world are facing. Future Cities Show will have Sustainability, Innovation and Happiness as its main core hence focusing on several transformational concepts as catalysts for smart urban development.

Future Cities Show conference and exhibition is held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
Osman Sultan, Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company du, commented “As we continue to experience rapid change across our global communities through digital disruption, it is our role as an ICT leader to leverage and harness this great opportunity for progress. This tsunami of data can be shaped by our trusted expertise so we can learn and grow together. Our flourishing partnership with Smart Dubai is producing data-driven insights that are reducing complexity throughout our great city, one of the elements driving towards the 10X Dubai initiative. Here at EITC we focus on getting the balance right between the technology and the human, social, ethical and economic variables too, nowhere is this seen more clearly than in our Smart City deployment here in Dubai.”
Future Cities Show is comprised of an exhibition, where companies and institutions will reveal their projects, technologies and urban solutions to visitors and experts alike, as well as a smart city conference focusing on the aspects to develop modern urban environments that adapt to the citizens.

The show emphases on three key themes – Environmental, Economic and Social matters – and features over (50) highly specialized speakers in IoT & big data, Blockchain technology, carbon capturing, green tech, smart technology and futuristic mobility and safety solutions, as well as smart building development and happy societies.

The presentation area agenda hosts (25) different city presentations, workshops & session. The (12) keynotes given by global smart city decision makers and thought leaders in sustainability, innovation and happiness evangelists.
The CEO of du elaborated on this saying “the convergence of life, mobility, economy, governance, environment and the smart city of tomorrow is only possible through a visionary approach towards technology providing seamless connectivity is the first step to ensure the rabbit rapid realization of the Dubai Smart vision.”
Cities of the future on display
Imagine the future of transportation, and re-imagine everything you know about data analysis, energy and waste management. Future Cities Show brings together international frontrunners in all sectors of smart cities, to present, showcase and discuss what the future will look and feel like. And how the cities we have today have to adapt on all levels to take the increase in inhabitants.
Mobility in compact cities
Future Cities Show has a special focus on mobility, which is maybe the single most discussed issue around the world in urban planning and city management. The Middle East and Asia are good examples of fast scaling metropolitan populations that need special attention to the mobility issue to move around the inhabitants every day.
Energy solutions to power the green revolution
Another main focus of decision-makers around the world is the need for greener and renewable energy solutions, to protect the planet from the increased energy usage from carbon producing methods. Displayed at Future Cities Show will be waste-to-energy solutions, self-sustainable smart devices, solar, wind and water power solutions, energy efficient construction materials and monitoring systems that lower energy usage.
Digital transformation and communication
The future of tomorrow is digital and rests highly on technology providing new ways to interact, connect and communicate across all platforms.

Blockchain technology will increase the level of security in digital transactions and as such more sensitive transactions can be handled digitally.

The Future Cities Show exhibition features over 60 international companies and institutions from China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Belarus, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, UAE each bringing their highly specialized solutions and services that tackle today’s need for Sustainability, Innovation and Happiness.

About Future Cities Show
 The second edition of the Future Cities Show takes place from 9 - 11th of April 2018 in Dubai, UAE. The show highlights the latest and the most innovative technologies and solutions in a smart city context.

The first edition of the Future Cities Show attracted 30 exhibitors and a large chunk of the 19,000 visitors visiting a number of exhibitions taking place concurrently at the Dubai World Trade Centre from over 141 countries.

The Future Cities Show is the ideal platform for local and international institutions from various industries to showcase their latest smart city technologies and services which redefine the way we live. The show focuses on three pillars; sustainability, innovation, and happiness. S

ustainability accounts for ‘what can be done now to ensure that the future generations can see the present that we live in’. This can be done via innovation as it is the key to bringing sustainable change in the working of the world. The combination of factors will lead to greater happiness in the society.

Future Cities Show 2018 brings together environmentalists, sustainability leaders, innovators, solution providers, healthcare practitioners, security vendors, energy consultants, manufacturers, builders, urban developers, architectures, investors, mayors, mobility players and students under one roof to interact, discuss and showcase solutions for a smart sustainable future.

Photo Captions:
1. (above)  HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum along with HE Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori at the Future Cities Show 2016
2. (inset)   Osman Sultan, Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company du (File photo)



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