IEC Telecom introduces pre-paid Internet packages connecting customers at sea
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Posted: Sun March 4, 2018 1:52 pm

UAE. IEC Telecom Group along with their partner Thuraya Telecommunications Company today announced the launch of FlexiYacht, a milestone solution for yachts and boat owners at the 2018 Dubai International Boat Show. 

FlexiYacht is a unique Internet broadband solution designed specifically to meet the requirements of leisure boats. Powered by the compact Thuraya Orion IP terminal, it can be set up even on the smallest yachts keeping them connected across Thuraya’s footprint that covers around 60% of the world’s maritime routes.

Developed based on the latest technology for fast, long-range access, this solution incorporates a full function Wi-Fi router as well as wired LAN and WAN ports. It also supports advanced filtration for smart and cost-effective consumption. The solution is manageable via an online account and is equipped with advanced reporting tools. 24/7 technical support is also available to ensure a smooth experience throughout our customer’s journey.

“At IEC Telecom we strongly believe that on board Internet should no longer be a luxury but a norm”, commented Nabil Ben Soussia, Managing Director at IEC Telecom Group.

Explaining that to make it happen, the Group introduced new payment plans, unseen before in the industry be it in the Middle East or internationally. FlexiYacht allows users to select broadband bundles based on their consumption needs, with no lock-in monthly commitment. Data is offered in pre-paid packages of 1, 5 and 10 GB for a period of three, six or twelve months. Customized packages can also be tailored to meet the requirements of yacht charter and rental companies.

“We are excited to be the first company to offer yacht owners and operators a flexible and affordable Internet solution providing connectivity across all seas between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Staying connected means that yachts will no longer be limited to a leisure experience, they may also function as an office, a hotel or anything a customer needs them to be. We are proud to have the launch of this solution in the UAE and moving forward it will be available through all our IEC offices across the globe.”, concluded Mr. Ben Soussia.

The yachting industry has proven to be one of the main pillars for the growth of Dubai’s maritime sector and emerged as the main contributor to economic development. According to a recent report, the global yacht charter market was valued at USD 35 billion and is projected to reach USD 51 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period.

The emerging markets, including the Middle East, are expected to continue growing consistently. The Middle East yacht market has been experiencing an approximate annual growth of 5-10%.

Fahad Kahoor, Director of Market Development at Thuraya commented, “FlexiYachts is being introduced during an important time in the Maritime sector where users are increasingly cost-conscious, and the need for quality data connectivity at affordable rates is of vital importance.” adding that, “Thuraya’s maritime terminals, built by the best manufacturers in the world, undergo extensive testing to ensure they are highly reliable and robust to cope with the harsh maritime environment. This includes testing to IEC 60945 marine standards which make our terminals a ‘life line’ for those at sea.”

Throughout the duration of the Boat Show, IEC Telecom is offering and for a limited time only the opportunity for customers to sign up for the FlexiYacht at the IEC stand and get three months of free internet or 1GB of data.

Video interviews with the speakers are available here.

Photo Captions:
1. (above)  FlexiYacht by IEC Telecom to connect yachts anytime and anywhere under Thuraya's footprint
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About IEC Telecom:

IEC Telecom Group is one of the leading global providers of managed network communication solutions. Known for providing high quality satellite-based technology to customers for more than 20 years, IEC Telecom delivers efficient end-to-end voice and data services, when and where, it matters most.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of system integration, system products, and network services enabling a complete end-to-end solution for all their customers.

Their portfolio includes:
- VSAT solutions (land and off-shore)
- Satellite products (access points, portable modems, mobile handsets)
- Managed services (support, maintenance and management of satellite-based solutions during its full lifecycle)

With solutions deployed in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, IEC Telecom’s expertise covers maritime, humanitarian, energy, government, enterprise and media solutions.
IEC Telecom has 11 offices across 9 countries: Afghanistan, France (2 offices), Kazakhstan, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, UAE (2 offices), UK.

About Thuraya Telecommunications Company:
Thuraya Telecommunications Company is an industry leading MSS operator and a global telecommunication provider offering innovative communications solutions to a variety of sectors including energy, broadcast media, maritime, military and humanitarian NGO. Thuraya’s superior network enables clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across two thirds of the globe by satellite and across the whole planet through its unique GSM roaming capabilities.

The company’s diverse range of technologically superior and highly reliable mobile satellite handsets and broadband devices provide ease of use, value, quality and efficiency. Thuraya remains committed to serving humanity through delivering the essential tools for optimal connectivity, never leaving anyone out of reach.




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