The prestigious and historical Tuscan estate 'Villa Bibbiani' has been sold
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Posted: Wed February 21, 2018 11:11 am

INTERNATIONAL. A prestigious historical estate in Tuscany, in the countryside around Florence, Villa Bibbiani has been sold by Lionard Luxury Real Estate to an American tycoon who will invest over 20 million euros which will be used for purchasing, renovation, and the creation of new businesses.

Owned by the Frescobaldis, one of the most powerful noble families in Florence, from the 16th to the 19th century, the majestic Villa Bibbiani ( in the town of Capraia e Limite has been sold for approximately 10 million euros.

380 hectares of grounds, a spectacular villa with two towers, a farm with houses, cellars and stables (the total internal surface measures 9,800 m2), a 20-hectare, 19th-century botanical garden with exotic oriental plants and a romantic 19th-century park: this is what constitutes the Bibbiani property.

Mentioned for the first time in 1546 as a “property of the Frescobaldi family”, - who then became powerful bankers in Florence at that time, even earning the title of treasurers of the English crown- the property remained in the hands of this noble Florentine family until the death of Anastasia Frescobaldi in 1809, when it was inherited by her son, Cosimo Ridolfi (1794-1865).

He was a very important character in the cultural life of that period, being also president of the Accademia dei Georgofili in Florence, and also realised the botanical garden and the magnificent romantic park in front of the villa, which featured 195 species of camellias.

“If we look at the luxury real estate market of the last few years, we can see that Americans have resumed buying in Italy,” Dimitri Corti, founder of Lionard Luxury Real Estate explains. “Not only in Tuscany, which is still one of the most popular areas, but also in other regions, like Piedmont for example; in refined areas like Monferrato, where we have sold the Camino Castle, one of the most famous in this region (”

These buyers will not only renovate estates of great historical and cultural value to make them their homes, thus safeguarding part of Italy’s heritage and identity, but also invest big sums in businesses, reactivating the economy and creating new jobs.

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