Should you accept a relocation offer?
Source: Guest Post , Author: Bill Clark
Posted: Thu February 1, 2018 7:14 pm

INTERNATIONAL. The world is full of opportunities for businesses, and companies from all over the globe are expanding into new markets in distant locations. As a consequence, you may find you are offered a relocation package, meaning you could be at the forefront of growth in a new territory.

If you are considering taking up a job overseas, do some research on the country concerned and don’t assume you know the real place from the stories you hear on the news!

Be informed
It’s well known that there are parts of the world that are subject to poverty and civil war, but for companies looking to grow businesses, these areas will not be targets for expansion. You are far more likely to be in an area that is as safe as your home country. When considering a move, find out as much as you can about the location you have in mind, and use sources of reliable information rather than the first result you get from a web search.

Think about the culture and religion of the country and the specific area – how will you cope with any cultural differences, and what facilities are there for following your faith? You may find there are communities and networks for those who have moved into the area that can offer support and companionship, particularly important when you are adjusting to your new life.

Family considerations
If you have a family, discuss the move with them and listen to their views. Make sure everyone knows what the move would involve and that you are all aware of the realities of living in another country. If you have children, you need to consider their schooling and further education, and what prospects they would have in the future.

You may wish to arrange for them to remain in your home country to continue their education, or you may find there are excellent educational facilities available at your destination. You also need to find out about where you will be living, what the accommodation will be like, and the local facilities for shopping and leisure pursuits.

Cars are the obvious mode of transport, but find out what the road networks and driving conditions are like before choosing your vehicle. If you want a family run-around, they are easy enough to pick up, for example, you can find a suitable used Toyota Yaris for sale online for a reasonable price.

You may find there are reliable public transport links if you are in or near a city, which is ideal for exploring your new location. Flying is the main form of transportation over long distances, so look at the local airports and flight schedules to see how easy it is to return to your home country for meetings or to visit friends and family.

Your company will take care of the practical side of your relocation, but it’s important to know what you are taking on with a big move like this and be prepared for the changes to your lifestyle.

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