The true innovation of Evareium as a Blockchain-based Real Estate Fund, lies in breaking barriers between Investors and their Assets
Source: Block Gemini Technologies , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Tue January 30, 2018 11:30 am

UAE. Blockchain technology continues its rebellious march, this time disrupting the lucrative domain of real estate with the seasoned professionals of Evarei Management LLC (“Evarei”), based in Dubai, UAE.

Their project - “Evareium – The World’s Real Estate Investment Token” - was acknowledged as the “most innovative” of the year 2017 by International Finance Magazine at the IFM Awards Gala Dinner on January 18th.

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, Evareium is a digitized real estate investment platform that presupposes fast, off-market real estate assets acquisition, through a tokenized fund, over traditional fundraising-per-asset methods. In the run-up to the official ITO launch, Block Gemini provides an in-depth look at the technologies that drive Evareium’s innovations.

The real estate industry, and more specifically, Dubai real estate, has always been prone to certain inhibitions that significantly impact their investors. The heavily intermediated system, financial manipulations of property developers, or even the extensive time spent on renting and maintaining properties, are a few examples of how real estate investors generally end up drawing the shorter end of the stick.

In light of this dilemma, Evareium is poised to become a credible opportunity for regularization, employing at its core, the principles of transparency, auditability and security by leveraging the Distributed Ledger Technology of Blockchain.

Chad Fernandez and Sergey Petkevich, part of the core leadership at Block Gemini, along with Alex Norta, a Blockchain Scientist at Large-Scale Systems Group, have defined particular features of Evareium that will inevitably enable it to act as a disruptive agent in the industry.

As described in their White Paper - “Tokenizing Commercial Property with Smart Contracts”, the strategic basis presupposes long-term investment decisions being met by their maximum potential, security, for the entire system and its every single aspect, seamlessness in terms of the integrity of information exchange between platform infrastructures, directness in peer-to-peer engagement between stakeholders, liquidness through a tokenized system, verifiability with transactions recorded on the Blockchain network, and mutability, allowing the system settings to be changed according to trading needs.

Evarei’s implementation of Blockchain into their investment platform will serve as a significant milestone in the industry’s path to completely embracing digitization, making Evareium the most innovative real estate fund of the present generation.

Chad Fernandez, the CIO of Block Gemini Technologies sheds light on his thoughts about the solution – “The innovation of Evareium as a Blockchain-based real estate investment fund, lies in the immutable trust created by this new digital methodology that is undoubtedly breaking many barriers for investors.”

The official Evareium ITO, which is scheduled to launch in a month’s time, will accept investor contributions through the two most popular cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin. The release of EVM tokens, characterized by their appreciation potential, is based on the nature of the intended drawdown of net proceeds into capital-appreciating assets, expecting to potentially establish itself as a significant, income-producing real estate investment.

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