Operators benefit from 'exceptional' valve resilience in hostile P&A environments
Source: Fifth Ring for Churchill Drilling Tools , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Sat January 27, 2018 3:09 pm

UAE. Churchill Drilling Tools, a leading oilfield service company specialising in drilling innovation, continues to report growing demand, despite the global reduction in drilling operations, for its tools and in particular its flagship product, the dart activated DAV MX™ CircSub.
Operators are increasingly recognising the value the DAV MX™ delivers with Churchill reporting a 6% increase in activations in 2017, and growing demand for the tool on P&A campaigns.
The DAV MX™’s resilience, which combined with its versatility, speed and reliability are enabling clients to cut operating time, was put to the test by a North Sea operator on a recent P&A campaign.
In hostile swarf-filled conditions, the operator activated one DAV MX™ CircSub four times across four separate runs, representing a first for the award-winning tool. The DAV MX™ has been activated extensively across challenging swarf environments, however, in previous instances it hasn’t been necessary for operators to take advantage of the tool’s multi-cycle capability.
The overall pre-planned project was to section mill and cement a 7” liner across multiple zones. In addition to hole cleaning and removing swarf from the annular space, using the DAV MX™ and its unique ‘Lock Open’ feature, the operator had 100% mill bypass control capability allowing the string to self-fill and drain while tripping in and out of the well.  This meant faster, cleaner and more controlled tripping, and therefore reduced operating time.
The 100% bypass also enabled the operator to displace and condition fluids and boost annular velocity protecting the milling assembly and its cutting knives.
In this instance, the operator had a greater margin for risk-taking because of the DAV MX™’s Emergency Shut-Off Dart (ESD), a unique fail-safe feature used on the rare occasions the valve becomes damaged by swarf or an unexpected event.  Not only is the DAV MX™ CircSub the most resilient on the market, it’s the only one that can be repaired in-hole. 

Knowing the ESD could seal any leak paths, maintain thru-bore and allow the campaign to continue without pulling out of hole encouraged the operator to push the boundaries and test the DAV MX™’s resilience to the maximum.
Churchill CEO, Mike Churchill, said: “This pre-planned campaign was a strong illustration of the DAV MX™ CircSub’s durability.  The swarf-filled conditions were amongst the most challenging we’ve encountered, but the operator successfully demonstrated our tool’s exceptional resilience and versatility contributing to the completion of P&A operations several months ahead of schedule.”
Churchill also said that operators’ demand for the DAV MX™ CircSub had reached new highs – in 2017 the tool featured in more campaigns and across more applications than ever before.  In addition, operators activated the tool on more than 45% of those campaigns, also a record.  
Mike continued: “Operators are increasingly adopting our DAV MX™ across a broadening range of applications, which confirms the trust and confidence the industry has in our tool.
“It also reflects a significant positive trend amongst operators to use the DAV MX™ on a pre-planned activation basis, rather than on a contingency basis.  This recent North Sea P&A campaign adds to our strong track record and growing demand for delivering faster and lower risk abandonments through our patented reliability.”
Churchill’s tools have the widest operating envelope in class.  The smart dart activated DAV (Dart Activated Valve) MX™ is a multi-functioning, multi-cycling Circulation Sub that delivers significantly improved performance and is simple to use. Fast, versatile and reliable, it can be run in most environments and in a wide range of applications.
• The DAV MX™ is the bypass tool of choice globally.   It has been run more than 1,300 times helping operators with curing losses, hole-cleaning, dry-tripping and self-filling.
• The HyPR™ HoleSaver™, a hydraulic stuck pipe recovery system that is a safe and low cost way to clear stuck pipe, can avoid millions of dollars in missed downtime and wireline crew deployment.
• The Drift Catcher eliminates risky and time-consuming drifting in the derrick, or ad hoc down hole wire tail drifting. Low cost, fast and reliable and providing visible topside assurance, the tool cuts drifting times by up to 97%.

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About Churchill Drilling Tools
Churchill Drilling Tools is a specialist engineering company that provides leading and innovative drilling solutions for the oil and gas industry. From founder Andy Churchill’s original designs in 1998 the company has become renowned for the supply of a wide range of simple, reliable and effective rental products.
Churchill’s presence in the drilling industry is global, with offices located in Houston, Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Its flagship product, the DAV MX™ CircSub, is a recognized performance leader and has been successfully run in more than 1,300 wells.

The center pieces of the Churchill range are innovative applications of drop-in dart technology, such as Smart Darts™, which help control the next generation of down hole tools that are taking the industry forward in critical areas such as well control, drifting, mud circulation and stuck-pipe recovery.



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