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Elephant Media Network: Digital Marketing is a war for online visibility & SMEs just got a new weapon
Source: PRNewswire , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Wed January 17, 2018 11:12 am

BAHRAIN. /PRNewswire/ -- The product, location, pricing strategy and signage is in place. All that remains is attracting customer's attention & they live online. In the digital realm, options are limitless and user attention is the coveted prize.
Social Media is a constant battlefield. Here's the winning strategy.

Elephant Social says: "The art of digital marketing is of vital importance to the brand. It's a matter of growth and stagnation, a road either to fame or ruin.

There are five constant factors governing it:

1)   Right network connects brand to audience. It's where potential customers follow, like and share content.
2)   Relevant content guides brands to potential customers. Engage users with their interests.
3)   Creative Communication is incentive for attention. Content lives for a short time, it needs to count
4)   Good Design is important because we all want to be inspired.
5)   Disciplined posting is a responsibility towards the brand and audience. Also, critical to get proper coverage from Social Media algorithms.

"The one who doesn't apply these five heads will lose out to the one who does."

Hiring agencies is a four or five figure expense. A DIY strategy risks losing weeks curating images, finding trends, creating content and posting daily. The latter, being more harmful to the business without trained expertise.

To a small/medium business, this is an obstacle course. The problem of saving both time and money has been solved by automation, except in the field of creative communication.

Recently, Elephant Social was launched at GiTex. It has a powerful content suggestion capability that creates customized content for a business. Elephant Social creates monthly digital marketing campaigns of 30 posts with trending, creative content suggestions.

A user uploads and edits photographs, then describes it via EMOTOS (selects options that suit their goals) to receive original and optimized content recommendations. Approved posts can be scheduled for automatic posting. From user reviews, it takes 20 minutes to create and schedule a month's worth of quality social media content through the simple gamified interface.

According to CEO Omer A. Rana, "There's a system in place where big brands get maximum visibility using global agencies. This makes digital marketing a luxury, unaffordable by small businesses. Elephant Social aims to empower SME's by ending this system."

"We constantly see AI being painted as antagonists to human development. At Elephant Media Network, we see humanizing AI as the future. We believe that automation can boost businesses and help create jobs.

Elephant Social is a movement, a (R)evolution in marketing. The app puts the expertise of global agencies in a SME's pocket at a fraction of the costs. It aims to make creative communication error-free and respectful of human sentiment - through automation."

Elephant Social is a product from the pioneering tech investment/development company Elephant Media Network. It comes with a 14 day free trial with no credit card requirements.

Photo Captions:
1. (above)  Omer A. Rana, Elephant Media Network CEO
2. (inset)  For illustrative purposes only (File photo)

About Elephant Media Network
Elephant Media Network (EMN) has a vision of evolving multiple fields through digital platform automation and invention. EMN works on various design and development solutions using automation at its core for innovations, revenue savings and empowering multiple sectors especially SMEs. Elephant Media Network is currently looking for collaborations across disciplines and is on the constant look-out for fresh talent.

Elephant Media Network was founded in 2016 by Omer A. Rana and has taken EMN global offering the company's bespoke services worldwide with a presence in London, Dubai, Geneva and the Kingdom of Bahrain.




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