Chained to Blockchain since its very beginning, Block Gemini Technologies celebrates six months of success
Source: Block Gemini Technologies , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Sun January 7, 2018 6:22 pm

UAE. Block Gemini Technologies has reached its first significant milestone as the company celebrates the half year of developing top-notch Blockchain platforms for various industries globally.

From US startups to Dubai-based Supply Chain giants, every implemented Blockchain solution has inevitably led to the increasing operational excellence and quality, providing the highest level of transparency and safety. Six months of pioneering the technology of the future – that is really impressive.

Driven by audacity, energy and determination to continue the second digital revolution, Block Gemini’s COO Anthony Lauriola is ready to present the company’s biggest accomplishments, share plans and give the ultimate advice for all the beginners on their path to business success

What are three biggest Block Gemini’s accomplishments of the past six months?
AL: Deploying a Blockchain based supply chain management solution for Tristar Transport, the UAE-based global fully integrated logistics solutions provider, is Block Gemini’s accomplishment #1.

Being among the first projects deployed – by a company that is actually new – the developed platform became one of the first of its kind in the world – and the absolute success. It was a great start for building Block Gemini’s image as the leading Blockchain pioneer in the region.

Another important accomplishment of these months has been growing our company from a very few employees in 2017 to 30+ this year. Since its inception, Block Gemini has been constantly inviting young and talented Blockchain specialists to Dubai, who bring their energy and creativity to our exciting projects. The process of development of effective Blockchain solutions requires also an ultra-modern perfectly equipped household, which has also been built by our company in Dubai, the heart of Blockchain revolution.

What was the biggest challenge?
AL: The biggest challenge anytime is finding talented Blockchain developers. There are no many special Blockchain trainings available, so all the most talented programmers are self-taught. We found them via Reddit, BitcoinTalk, various non-mainstream Blockchain forums. Block Gemini had a plan to organize its own one-to-one courses, but now our company has many projects on the go, so we have decided to start with a blog and informational social media campaign, where we are always ready to answer any tech-related questions.

How can you describe the current market state in Dubai? Is it beneficial to Blockchain Businesses?
AL: The current market state in Dubai is very beneficial to IT enterprise, which makes it the perfect location for developing a Blockchain company. Because of the 2020 Dubai Blockchain strategy, Government and Business are constantly searching for new digital solutions that will bring another era to one of the fastest developing cities in the world.

What are Block Gemini’s plans for the next 6 months? How do you see yourself creating that change?
AL: In 2018, Block Gemini is aiming at multiple different projects and industries, so our main goal is to make a significant progress on those. For me, the biggest thing is finding talented people. More devoted professionals – more successful Blockchain platforms – more significant steps towards the global digital security and transparency.

What was the most important lesson you have learnt during these 6 months?
AL: There were so many good lessons during my work in Block Gemini. I think the most important one is Hard Work. In fact, if you work hard, you can solve pretty much any problem.

Who would you like to thank?
AL: I would like to thank Block Gemini’s CEO, Christopher Fernandez, CTO, Sergey Petkevich, and CIO, Chad Fernandez, for having the vision to start this company, for their potential to lead it to success.

What advice would you give to all the beginners on their path to business success?
AL: My biggest advice is filling your life with Hard Work and Passion. Profit is a key indicator of a successful enterprise, but some successes cannot be measured in numbers. The overwhelming passion for your work is as important as a good business plan.

One day for celebrations … and it is time to go back to work again. Block Gemini Team is blowing out candles on the company’s birthday cake and making resolutions for the other half year: to cherish team spirit, to share knowledge and learn from others, to pursue noble goals and to be unique in everything they do.

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