Dubai drives global telemedicine transformation with the launch of '24-7 Population Health Management' program.
Source: AETOS Wire , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Fri December 22, 2017 2:05 pm

UAE. --(AETOS Wire)-- Dubai Healthcare Authority, DHA has placed itself firmly at the forefront of the global transformation of Telemedicine to a one of a kind “24-7 Population Health Management” Program with the launch of a pilot partnership between DHA, UAE-telecom provider Etisalat and Mobile Doctors 24-7.

Customer experience starts with an integrated and interactive mobile application, a 24-7 Control Center staffed with Family Medicine Specialists, Pediatricians, Psychiatrists, Pharmacists, Wellness Advisors, Case Managers, Virtual Clinic for office, remote areas and home and Hospital at Home Program licensed by Johns Hopkins University which includes 24-7 Tele-monitoring to serve healthy, acute and chronic conditions.

Mobile Doctors 24-7 follows NHS’s International Guidelines and Hospital at Home Guidelines.

Dr. Haider, CEO of Health Funding, said: “Changing people's behaviour is essential in reaching a sustainable healthcare solution. We aim to implement the best possible practices and standards worldwide”

Raouf Khalil, founder and CEO of Mobile Doctors 24-7, said: “The transformation of Telemedicine to “24-7 Population Health Management” was driven by both consumers and payers.  Mobile Doctors simply aligned consumers/employees and payers/employers by providing a 24-7 concierge service for our members and avoiding unnecessary over utilization on behalf of the payers”

“Proper balance between quality and cost is only achieved through the practice of true Evidence Based Medicine. Our full-time Doctors are paid flat salaries with no incentives or commissions.  When patients call, us we tell them the truth about what they need not just what they can afford.” Mr Khalil added.

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