Aleron Subsea technology in high-profile salvage operation
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Posted: Tue December 19, 2017 11:50 am

INTERNATIONAL. Aberdeenshire-based ROV solutions provider, Aleron Subsea has boosted its track record by recently taking part in a salvage project in the Atlantic Ocean, utilising its AUXROV subsea system.
Aleron and the AUXROV were selected by James Fisher Marine and Britannia’s Gold Ltd to assist with a high-profile salvage operation, targeting wrecks that were sunk during the First and Second World Wars.
During both wars, some 7,500 merchant ships were sunk of which approximately 700 were identified as carrying shipments of gold under UK Government direction.
Britannia’s Gold Ltd has been established to finance the recovery of targeted cargoes and return them to the UK for the benefit of the government, investors and merchant marine charities. This inaugural salvage work scope takes place after 25 years of planning, and the successful completion of a significant crowdfunding campaign.
The AUXROV work scope comprised over 850 lifts, moving over 500 tonnes of debris with three different hydraulic grabs, and providing real time information on the grabbed materials.

During simultaneous operations with two work class ROV systems, it then provided power and assistance in dredging operations on the wreck. Remaining in the water for up to 90 hours at certain stages, the AUXROV was able to enter several constrained, hard to reach areas of the site assisting in the overall efficiency of the operation.
Configured with a 30 ton AHC winch and 30 ton A-frame, the AUXROV combines 300 horse of hydraulic power and 20 ton safe working load, providing the power and lift capability to deal with harsh deep water subsea project environments.
Aleron Subsea Technical Director Mike Bisset commented: “This was a complex working environment within which the AUXROV has been able to demonstrate its value and efficiency. The system can be used for a vast range of subsea excavation, clearance, survey and tooling tasks and on this project, was able to demonstrate its capability.”

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Established in 2009, and founded upon decades of experience in the ROV industry, Aleron Ltd provides a flexible, turnkey ROV solutions service to the global subsea and marine industry.
It comprises two divisions: Aleron Subsea for the service, repair and upgrade of ROV systems for sale or rental; and production division ROVQUIP, which specialises in the design and manufacture of ROV components and control systems. ROVQUIP’s range of standard to bespoke tooling can be modified and enhanced to deliver specific solutions to client requirements.
Based in Aberdeenshire UK, Aleron Ltd systems are comprehensively tested to ensure the success of each project.
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