Veritas brings data classification to eDiscovery Platform to help organizations improve regulatory compliance
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Posted: Thu December 7, 2017 10:45 am

UAE. Veritas Technologies, a leader in multi-cloud data management, today unveiled advances to the company's eDiscovery Platform with new data classification features designed to help compliance and investigation teams ensure regulatory compliance, avoid massive fines and mitigate reputational damage.

The new technology also helps organizations to manage personal identifiable information (PII) and Subject Access Requests (SARs).

Within the European Union, individuals already have the right to make SARs and they can ask an organization to deliver all of the personal data that the organization holds about them. In addition, individuals can request the purposes for which that data is being processed and which organizations receive it.

These requests will soon become of global significance as the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enhances data subjects' rights over personal data and will require that organizations adhere to a month time limit on SAR responses. However, meeting this time frame may be difficult, as many organizations have limited visibility into what data they have and where it is located.

SAR preparedness is a critical component of any GDPR compliance strategy and there are a number of ways organizations are preparing to become GDPR ready. New Veritas research released today reveals that many businesses around the world are starting to embrace a compliance culture that extends across the entire company. To read the latest press release on this research, click here.

According to Veritas research, data continues to grow at an annual rate of 49 percent globally[1], and as a result, organizations are storing more data on-premises and in one or more clouds. Because of this fragmentation, many organizations have limited visibility into what data they have and where it is located, so finding relevant personal data in a timely fashion becomes a significant challenge.

Veritas' latest eDiscovery Platform directly addresses these challenges by helping organizations quickly pinpoint personal data and review it to assess what personal data should be disclosed and what may be lawfully withheld. In addition, the eDiscovery Platform will deliver a response package electronically that sufficiently addresses the GDPR's SAR requirements so businesses can help ensure regulatory compliance, avoid massive fines, and mitigate reputational damage.

Defensible Data Discovery with Integrated Data Classification
Veritas eDiscovery Platform now includes complete integration with the Veritas Classification Engine by delivering powerful intelligence into data risks on-premises and in the cloud.

Through this new integration, customers can quickly scan and tag data, using a pre-designed set of classifications. This helps to ensure that sensitive or risky information is properly managed and protected. The Platform also enables enterprises to adhere to SAR requests by locating where PII exists across their entire organization and driving actions that help appropriately retain or delete this data, when necessary.

This is a major advancement that helps organizations reduce the overall number of files required for review by culling out data required by the business. In addition, customers can prioritize review efforts by stack ranking the items that are most relevant to analyze. This innovation is critical in helping organizations adhere to mandatory compliance guidelines under new regulations, such as GDPR.

"Data is growing at an exponential rate and we are continuing to see a global rise in industry-specific and data protection regulations," said Rama Kolappan, vice president, Product Management and Alliances, Veritas.

"Organizations are in urgent need of tools that can accurately review, cull and manage relevant data regardless of where it resides within an organization. With the release of our latest eDiscovery Platform, we are helping customers respond quickly and efficiently to requests and manage their regulatory and investigative matters with a single, easy-to-use application."

A single petabyte of data can equal billions of data files, and according our latest research, data is continuing to grow at an annual rate of 49 per cent globally,” said Johnny Karam, vice president emerging market. “For law firms and legal departments preparing for cases, the prospect of manually sorting through and analyzing ever-increasing volumes of data and adequately responding to requests as part of the Discovery process can be not only daunting, but nearly impossible.”

“Organizations are in urgent need of tools that can accurately review, cull and manage relevant data regardless of where it resides within an organization. With the new release of our eDiscovery Platform, we are helping customers respond quickly and efficiently to requests and manage all of their legal, regulatory and investigative matters with a single, easy-to-use application,” added Karam.

Expediently Review and Redact Data to Meet Stringent Timelines
The latest version of eDiscovery Platform includes a new set of review and redaction tools that allow for smarter and faster review. Bulk Redaction is a new feature that can automatically comb through a data set and mask all sensitive data in categories pre-determined by the reviewer across the entire corpus in one single motion.  This capability helps organizations to ensure that they are not accidentally leaking risky data that should have been withheld (such as personal data relating to another individual) when responding to a SAR.

Additionally, eDiscovery Platform now includes pre-set redaction codes to ensure consistency throughout the document review process and to enable users to demonstrate to individuals why particular data items were withheld. This release also includes new annotation capabilities that simplify how case handlers mark-up review documents and share notes with each other to better support collaborative workflows for data sets that require multiple reviewers. 

The Veritas eDiscovery Platform is available today as software or as an appliance, bringing together a complete solution for customers that need to deploy in less than 24 hours. For more information on the Veritas eDiscovery Platform, please visit here.

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1. (above)  Johnny Karam VP Emerging Market Veritas
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[1] Source: 2017 Veritas Data Genomics Report



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