UKHO revises ENC and ECDIS Maintenance Record to support onboard maritime cyber risk management and ECDIS familiarisation
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Posted: Tue December 5, 2017 1:20 pm

LONDON. The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office has published a revised edition of the ADMIRALTY ENC and ECDIS Maintenance Record (NP133C). 

First published in 2014, this publication is designed to help mariners demonstrate compliance with IMO regulations during Port State Control inspections, with easy-to-use checklists and templates to record ECDIS annual performance checks and software maintenance.
For the first time, the record now provides guidance to help bridge crews record and manage cyber risks. This update has been developed in line with guidance published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), stating that approved safety management systems (SMS) should consider cyber risk management in line with the ISM code before January 2021.  NP133C has been revised to help mariners achieve this by providing a checklist to document threats and procedures to mitigate risk to ships.
In February 2017, the IMO also made important clarifications on training requirements for ECDIS, stating that seafarers are not required to take type specific training at designated colleges but that companies are still responsible for ensuring all seafarers employed on their ships are familiarised with ECDIS.

To support this, the revised version NP133C now includes checklists designed to document and evidence that ECDIS familiarisation training has been completed, thus helping to ensure evidence can be provided during Port State Control inspections.
Thomas Mellor, head of OEM support and digital standards at the UKHO, commented: “The first edition of NPC133C was published in 2014 and has quickly become an invaluable asset on the bridge for users of the ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS). Shipping’s regulatory landscape is constantly changing and these important revisions to the ENC Maintenance Record reflect that shifting picture. Mariners need to be able to accurately and efficiently follow and record ENC and ECDIS management processes on the bridge.  This can make the difference between passing an inspection and being found in breach of regulations, with the significant impact that this can have for the vessel and voyage, including potential detention in port.”
“In the wake of the growing cyber-threat to shipping, NPC133C now also provides essential advice on how to mitigate cyber risk through recorded risk assessments in line with the IMO deadline of 1 January 2021 on cyber-security.”
UKHO have also updated their popular ‘Living with ECDIS’ Seminar series to include perspectives on industry initiatives on cyber-security, as well as advice on how owners and operators can ensure that their ships are compliant with upcoming changes to the ISM code.
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To find out more about UKHO’s ‘Living with ECDIS’ Seminars and register for UKHO’s free seminars at Marintec China, taking place between 5-7 December, please visit:

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1. (above)  For the first time, the record now provides guidance to help bridge crews record and manage cyber risks.
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