Should you study a Bachelors in Business or Technology?
Source: Guest Post , Author: Bill Clark
Posted: Sat December 2, 2017 1:26 pm

INTERNATIONAL. As you get older and move through the high school years of your life, there comes a time when you have to decide what you are going to be doing after graduation. 

If you sit around and look at your friends, you can bet that some of them are going to just get a job after school and some of the others are going to apply to colleges in other places of the country. 

Even if you are one that plans to apply to colleges, deciding what you are going to study can be a difficult decision to make.  There is no doubt that technology and business degrees are quite popular, but how do you decide which one works for you?

Business Degrees Teach Leadership Skills
Whether you are going to work in a high-powered corporate environment or plan on starting your own business, having a degree in business will help you.  Business degrees provide a certain level of leadership skills that are necessary for any management type position, regardless of the company.  That goes the same for your own business, as you are typically expected to manage other people around you through the daily routines.

Business Degree Jobs On The Rise
Careers in business management cover a wide spectrum and all of them are tweaked a little for each industry.  Business careers in retail and sales are a little different compared to business degrees that are in media or advertising, for example. Regardless of the sector or industry, business degrees are coveted by companies all over the world, giving you more options for a career after you graduate. 

Technology Degrees Are Very Popular
As the world is turning towards more automation and software is being designed for every little thing we come into contact with today, technology degrees are very important.  Studying for an online bachelors in information systems degree at UAB Collat School of Business can get you pointed in the right direction if you have plans are to work anywhere in the IT world. 

Jobs that are available in the information technology category are rising each year and include Oracle Database Admin, Network Architect, and Information Security Engineer. Cybersecurity is very important to companies, large and small, so job opportunities are plentiful today.

Both Degree Types Offer Advancement
Whether or not you decide to study for a BSIS degree online, or want to pursue your bachelor’s degree in business management, both are great starting points for a long career.  Once you have the knowledge and skills that come with both of these degrees, you can use that as a stepping stone for future advancement.  Deciding to go back to school for your master’s degree, in business or technology, is much easier if take this step first.

Deciding whether or not to study one field or the other really comes down to what you plan to do with your skills and how you want your future to unfold.  Both provide plenty of job options, as well as a chance to advance within the company you are working for.

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