CD Marine signs as commercial representatives in France and Monaco
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Posted: Wed November 29, 2017 11:15 am

INTERNATIONAL. Monegasque marine consultancy CD Marine has entered into a strategic partnership as commercial representatives for GLT Automation S.r.l., Omega S.r.l. and PER Group S.p.A. in Monaco and the South of France. 

The agreement—signed at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show—will see CD Marine acting as a single contact for its partners’ services in the region. The companies will utilise CD Marine’s recognised business to improve communication and efficiency of service for yachting, shipping and cruise professionals in French markets.
Claudio Caracciolo, founder and CEO of CD Marine, said, “At the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, CD Marine, GLT Automation S.r.l., Omega S.r.l. and PER Group S.p.A. entered into a partnership to strengthen their offerings in the South of France.
“This year our partners began increasing their existing European presence with great success, already achieving over and above expectations in both the yachting and shipping industries. This has no doubt been helped by the companies’ innovative technologies and unique service systems.
“By acting as commercial representatives for our partners, CD Marine will provide a more immediate, all-encompassing service to new and existing clients with the help of these trusted suppliers. We are very excited to see what this opportunity brings.”
GLT Automation was the first business to enter into the commercial partnership, bringing with it a specialised knowledge of on-board electronic automation and monitoring systems.
Massimo Pescarolo, Marketing Manager of GLT Automation, said, “We have been working on projects with CD Marine for some time now, and are delighted to have a partnership confirmed with Omega and PER Group also involved.
“We provide complete electronic automation and monitoring services across a range of specialised marine systems; from design and production right through to on-board servicing. CD Marine’s position within the sector therefore brings us closer to our clients: the decision-makers and crew working on board.”
The second partner to sign the agreement was Omega S.r.l. Specialising in fire fighting, safety and rescue equipment Omega contributes a unique and efficient approach to servicing on-board apparatus.
Delfo Mazzoli, Commercial Manager of Omega, said, “Omega is a current leader in shipping and yachting safety activities in Italy, but with increased service demands abroad, we have recently assigned a new team to France and Monaco to increase our presence in the region. With CD Marine’s local presence, and its detailed knowledge of classification societies and Flag Administrations, we can offer the same certified safety services just as efficiently in this important yachting region.
“We see the partnership as a strategic milestone for our company, as it will allow us to provide a new and efficient approach to marine safety for clients in the South of France. We are happy to be associated with such authorities in the yachting and shipping industries.”
Having recently entered into the marine sector, PER Group S.p.A. brings with it an international presence in shore-side damage recovery for machinery and equipment after fires, floods and other disasters.
Lucia Boerci, Marketing Manager of PER Group S.p.A., explained, “PER Group has recently finished intensive training for its shore-side technicians in the post-damage recovery and periodical maintenance of marine galley, HVAC and exhaust systems aboard yachts and ships, which is new territory for our business. The partnership therefore allows us to increase our reach in the French marine market.
“Although we are an international company with a presence stretching far beyond Italy, we really value the agreement with CD Marine as respected contacts in Monaco and the South of France and we have high hopes for its success.”

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About CD Marine [MONACO] -
CD Marine serves the yachting and shipping industries with marine inspection, management, registration and consultancy services. It brings with it comprehensive knowledge of classification societies and Flag State Administrations.
About GLT Automation S.r.l. [GENOA] -
A single partner for the design, manufacture and servicing of marine and industrial automation and monitoring systems, electronic panels and pneumatic systems. GLT Automation offers 24-hour assistance for power management, engine monitoring and steering gear systems, as well as bilge separators and ballast monitoring.
About Omega S.r.l. [VENICE] -
A leader in yachting and shipping safety in Italy, and in new overseas markets, Omega specialises in the distribution, inspection and repair of certified fire-fighting equipment and life-saving appliances. For a short ship’s call, it’s team collects and temporarily replaces on-board life rafts and rescue equipment from the first port of call, redelivering the serviced equipment at the next port for minimum downtime.
About PER Group S.p.A. [MILAN] -
An international company specialised in periodic maintenance and post-damage recovery of machinery and equipment in the shore-side and marine industries. PER Group’s services include microorganism monitoring and cleaning and disinfection of air-handling units (AHU), ventilation conducts (HVAC), gas explosion pipes and fume hoods and exhaust ducts.



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