Four overlooked secret features to consider when investing in real estate
Source: Total Communications for ARTAR Real Estate , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Mon November 27, 2017 2:04 pm

UAE. Location, location, location may be the defining factor when it comes to purchasing a residential unit, usually quickly followed by price point and size, but one developer has addressed four overlooked features which can dramatically improve quality of life.
Mada Residences, a 36-storey luxury residential tower in Downtown Dubai with 193 spacious 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom luxury apartments, is full of units that not only tick all the usual boxes when searching for an investment or new home, but to also address hidden qualities to enhance the overall living experience.
Delays to your morning commute
Often an overlooked feature when investing in a property; the speed, waiting time and capacity of a lift can play a huge part in your morning routine and less than optimal lifts could cause unexpected delays.
With six specially fitted Kone lifts across three elevator shafts, Mada Residences’ developer, ARTAR Real Estate, has ensured residents a speedy and efficient route from their front door to their car. With a top speed of 4.5 metres per second, resulting in a maximum waiting time of 38 seconds, the Downtown residential tower cuts conventional waiting times for lifts in half.
Ample space for friends and family
Living in a high-rise residential tower in Dubai poses the problem of sufficient parking for hosting family and guests. Aside from the allotted parking spaces for a property’s residents, and depending on where the tower is located, guest or road-side parking spaces are either very limited, not available or over-priced.
In addition to the allotted parking spaces per unit, Mada Residences boasts an abundance of visitor parking on all podium levels as well as road side parking totalling 276 spaces.
Protection from the elements
The importance of having a safe and secure home and investment is paramount, and in light of recent government regulations, protection from fire has topped the priority list for investors.
ARTAR’s decision to invest in the building’s cladding, made in Spain from extruded porcelain, was taken months before Dubai authorities recently took action to counter the threat of fires in high rise buildings.
Mada Residences is the first residential tower in Dubai built using specially developed cladding that can resist temperatures of up to 1,200ºC.
Eliminating noise pollution
Living in a cosmopolitan city has its perks, but a residential tower located in a bustling city centre can have some drawbacks. Noise pollution created by nearby roads can severely affect the standard of living standards for residents.
By increasing the thickness of the glass panels from the standard six millimetres to eight millimetres, as well as increasing the space in-between the double glazing to 16 millimetres, ARTAR has increased noise reduction by up to 40%, ensuring a quiet living space for residents.
The luxury tower, a one-minute walk from the new Dubai Mall extension, features a Signature Collection of nine elite 4-bedroom apartments as well as the only two bedroom apartments with maid’s rooms in the Downtown district to be handed over in 2018.

Photo Caption: Mada Residences, a 36-storey luxury residential tower in Downtown Dubai



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