dcs plus TINA software covers new GCC VAT regulations
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Posted: Mon November 27, 2017 1:42 pm

UAE. -- /PRNewswire/ --dcs plus, global leading provider of IT solutions for the travel and tourism industries offers software that will help companies navigate the introduction of VAT in the GCC region.

One of the world's most advanced web-based ERP systems for the travel industry, TINA collects the bookings from all the selling channels, streamlining them into standardized, comprehensible, easy-to-control and ready-to-automatize workflows - something that each travel agency must aim.
These, together with the support provided in adopting the new tax framework rapidly and correctly, create the premises for efficient collection of the incomes, effective control over the expenses and ability to monitor the business healthiness in real time and accurately.

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As of January 2018, all member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will introduce VAT (Value Added Tax), as per the VAT Framework Treaty signed in October 2016.

Businesses with operations in the GCC countries will be impacted by the introduction of VAT, a fundamental change to business operations in a region with little history of taxation.  The hospitality and leisure industries are likely to be affected, as the GCC countries have collectively host millions of tourists annually.

About dcs plus' TINA: 
TINA is one of the world's most advanced travel ERP systems and is favoured by members of large global TMCs. Suitable for any type of travel agency, TINA aims to maximize office management and systems with an eye towards increasing efficiency and productivity.
TINA travel ERP allows businesses to:
-  Keep a clean and organized account of all transactions
-  Calculate the VAT for each service that is introduced in the system: either based on the region where the service is offered - domestic, regional or international, per customer type - company or individual, and even per price component - supplier tax, service fee, city tax
-  Allocate automatically the right percentage of VAT
-  Access comprehensive reports regarding all transactions
-  Access in one place all the needed information for accountants and for tax declarations

About dcs plus: 
dcs plus is a leading travel technology company, committed to designing and developing enterprise technology solutions for the travel and tourism industry. It is the only company in the travel sector that has its own full software stack addressing the needs of all types of travel operators: TMCs, DMCs, tour operators, OTAs. Founded in 2002, dcs plus has a portfolio of hundreds of customers in more than 45 countries.

dcs plus is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania and has offices in Dubai, UAE.



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