Two-pronged approach essential to address ICT business & technical risks
Source: MPR Saudi , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Mon November 27, 2017 2:41 pm

SAUDI ARABIA. As Saudi Arabia’s integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector undergoes massive transformation, “it is critical to address key business and technical risks and challenges from both global and local perspectives,” Felix Wass, President and CEO of Detecon Al Saudia (Detasad), said in his keynote speech at the IDC IT Forum 2017 in Riyadh on November 23.

The CEO of Detasad, a ‘Gold Partner’ in the one-day event held at the Four Seasons Hoteland leading provider of comprehensive Datacenter, Cloud, Connectivity, Deployment and  Managed Service solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, added that full competency in end-to-end service cycle “is a key differentiator and success factor for selection of a cloud business partner.”

Under the theme "Innovate, Disrupt, and Transform", this year's IT forum seeks to unlock the digital potential and cost efficiencies through secure cloud and managed services.                                     

The unprecedented role of technology in every aspect of a business’ value chain creates an explosion of valuable, yet unharnessed data for IT organizations, thus, it is necessary to identify the basic business challenges such as security (cyber and physical), cost pressure, changed competitive landscape, open markets, availability of talent, economic slowdowns, data sovereignty concerns, digital transformation and disruptive technologies.

There were also IT challenges that should be addressed, like distracting focus, growing expenses and budget limitations in IT, lack of in-house expertise, resistance to change, vulnerability, lack of business agility, resource hungry, and drain on efficiency, Mr. Wass said.

With everyone working together toward the same objectives, a company can execute strategy faster, with more flexibility and adaptability, therefore, enabling digital transformation and unlocking ICT value and cost efficiencies, Detasad CEO stressed.

Essentially, for managed services to be successful, Mr. Wass said, 4Ms must be in place, these are: Manpower, Methods, Machines, and Materials. He explained that these elements are intrinsically interconnected to provide effectiveness and generate positive results.

The Detasad CEO wound up his speech by saying that the cloud and managed services model are fundamental enablers to achieving Vision 2030. It is a successful model that works very well. It’s a success because of the skilled engineers and technicians specialized in various technologies and vendors who execute mature processes, certifications and definitions while ensuring security, confidentiality, data sovereignty and cost effectiveness.

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1. (above)  Felix Wass, President and CEO of Detecon Al Saudia (Detasad)
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Detasad, established in 1982 as a Saudi-German Company, offers tailor-made solutions in Corporate Networks & Connectivity Solutions, ICT Deployment Solutions, Managed Services, Data Center and Cloud Solutions to corporate and governmental clients. It is committed to contributing to the realization of Saudi Vision 2030 .



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