Quick Registration 'Corporate Social Responsibility' initiative: Free brakes check-up in December for All UAE residents
Source: AETOS Wire , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Tue November 21, 2017 1:25 pm

UAE. --(AETOS Wire)-- In line with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Free Brakes Check-up for all residents in UAE available at Quick Registration vehicle testing and registration center.   

“The brake system of a vehicle is by far the most important safety system that it has. Being able to slow down or stop at a moment’s notice will help to avoid a major accident and save lives, says Osama Ali.

Brakes should be regularly inspected, we recommend regularly test drive the vehicle to see how the brake system functioning. Perform an actual visual inspection, measuring pad and shoe thickness, check for even wear of the pads and shoes, check rotors for run out and hot spots, check hardware to make sure it is working properly and that it is adjusted properly.
All these components need to be in good shape and working properly for the vehicle to have 100% brake system effectiveness while driving. Our statistic shows that nearly 20% of all vehicle inspection failures are brake-related”, says Osama Ali, Business Development Director.

The Free brakes inspection will be available every Friday in December during working hours from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM. 

Testing includes:
Test of brake force
Test of deceleration
Test of difference in braking between left and right wheels for handbrake and service brakes
Inspection of the emergency brake
Inspection of service brakes

Quick Registration is an advanced vehicle testing and registration center with modern automated testing equipment providing with precise and fast vehicle testing and registration, vehicle insurance and other services.  Roads and Transport Authority Approved Testing Center stands behind its name – by offering the quickest vehicle testing and registration services in Dubai, we are setting new standards in this field.

“As an Inspection center we feel socially responsibility for maintaining safety on the roads. Apart of making sure that all vehicles are being tested, we go that extra mile with various social educational and free check-up projects to extend our impact on road safety”, added Osama.

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1. (above)  Quick Registration brakes testing station
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