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Synetics wins multiple Middle East contracts
Source: AETOS Wire , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Wed September 20, 2017 3:20 pm

INTERNATIONAL. --(BUSINESS WIRE/AETOS Wire)-- Surveillance solutions business Synectics has secured multiple contracts for onshore and offshore oil and gas developments, spanning Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Iran.

Encompassing a broad mix of Synectics’ surveillance and security management solutions, the contracts will see the business deploy over 700 COEX™ camera stations across the Middle East region – in a number of cases incorporating new, customer-led feature developments.

Off the Egyptian coast, Synectics will be providing an offshore platform with a range of C3000 HD IP, C2000 HD IP and C2000 (PTZ and fixed) camera stations, with specific models featuring new onboard analytics capabilities developed to meet the customer brief. The COEX camera stations, compatible with the on-site VMS, will enable edge-based tripwire detection, negating the need for separate analytics integration.

Darren Alder, Divisional Director – Oil & Gas, said: “Our ethos is always to offer truly tailored solutions that meet exact customer requirements as demonstrated in a number of these latest wins. In Egypt, this was about delivering edge-based capabilities. With another contract – one of two recent UAE projects we have secured – the requirement was for an additional layer of protection to their field equipment.

“In this instance, we were the only provider able to color-coat camera stations to exact specifications, while ensuring that the coating used still met strict regulatory requirements around aspects such as electrostatic and insulation performance.”

The recent wins also include three substantial Saudi Arabian projects ‒ a gas plant, a major refinery and terminal development, and an offshore platform. All three will take delivery of COEX C3000 HD IP and C2000 HD IP cameras (PTZ and fixed) for process control and security monitoring. For two of the projects, these cameras will be deployed as part of full end-to-end safety, security and process monitoring solutions, driven by Synectics’ Synergy 3 command and control platform.

Darren continued: “To secure these contracts we had to undergo a rigorous and comprehensive ‘approved supplier’ process to demonstrate integration and working practice capabilities – crucial characteristics given the scale of developments involved. One of the projects alone will see us work in partnership with 13 different Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies.”

Rounding off the series of wins, Synectics has also announced it is to supply end-to-end process and security management solutions to protect four phases of a significant Iranian development, comprising onshore, offshore and associated infrastructure elements.

In each case, Synergy 3 will integrate COEX C3000 HD IP and C2000 HD IP (PTZ and fixed) cameras with site security and process control solutions for comprehensive site protection.

For further news and information on Synectics’ surveillance solutions for the oil and gas sector, visit or follow @synecticsglobal on Twitter.

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