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Memorysolution brings your favourite TV shows to an existing mobile device
Source: BI-ME , Author: Moussa Ahmad
Posted: Thu January 11, 2007 12:00 am

INTERNATIONAL. As one of the leading memory and flash product specialists and top market player in Europe, German brand Memorysolution is the first to launch into a new sector of the market, with the PVR-1100 Personal Media Centre.

The new PVR-1100 looks rather unimpressive, like a somewhat oversized Card Reader-Writer. There is, however, much more to the tiny little box (87 x 118 x 18 mm) than meets the eye. Probably its most interesting feature is to make your favourite movie or TV content available for viewing on your mobile phone, PDA, handheld or gaming console.

It links up devices already present in so many households that never seemed to interact among each other. That was yesterday. The progressive PVR-1100 is capable to use any video recorder, DVD player, camcorder, your cable- or satellite receiver or TV set as image source, convert the received or recorded analog content into an MPEG-4 stream and save it to a memory card (or an HDD in CF-II format). Prepared that way, this content can then be viewed on a handheld or PC. The PVR-1100 processes NTSC as well as PAL signals.

Besides its function as your Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that in no time at all converts all your old analogue camcorder films into digital, the PVR-1100 sports further forward-looking features. Just imagine using it as a comfortable MP3/AAC/WMA-compatible Music Player, which comes with a remote control and thanks to its full support of ID3 tags leaves no information about your songs in the dark. Alternatively, make the PVR-1100 your new portable digital photo wallet, or use it professionally as a digital, mobile image database. With its compact form factor and low weight of only 140g, it easily fits into any pocket.

Its applications will enable you to view TV shows or a homemade video while on the move. View them on your PDA, your third-generation mobile phone, your Sony PSP, Nintendo gaming console or your beloved Video iPOD. The user-friendly GUI of the PVR-1100 lets you manage your imagery and save the content to an appropriate memory card at maximum ease. Easily transfer content once digitalised to a Video iPOD. View blockbusters where you like and when you like: programmed recordings are also not a problem for the PVR-1100.

Flash storage media are available at ever-lower price tags and ever-increasing capacities. Being a central component in many MP3 players, smart phones, PDAs and the latest must-haves, Personal Navigation Assistants (PNA), flash memory cards are already widely common. Chances are that most of us already own one in the one or the other format. The PVR-110 extends their possible field of application, enhancing your personal daily experience with mobile entertainment far apart from your PC.

The Memorysolution package contains the PVR-1100, a multilingual (German, English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese) instruction manual on CD, a printed manual in English language, earphones, two audio and composite video line in/out (RCA) cables, an IR remote control including a battery and a power supply.

The PVR-1100 is available immediately with a retail price of €99. For Memorysolution enquiries, the manufacturer Agora Innovation Corp, via EUMECO, has asked dealers and importers to contact the company directly.

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