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Fichte law establishes Iran desk in Dubai
Source: Fichte law , Author: Posted by BI-ME staff
Posted: Wed September 7, 2016 9:25 am

UAE. We are proud to announce the establishment of our Iran Desk in our Dubai office.  In addition to our leading presence in Iran which has existed for over 10 years, we now have the capacity to facilitate our clients' Iran-related matters from our Dubai office.

Our dedicated Iran Desk brings together specialist lawyers from across our global network, to advise our clients with both inbound and outbound interests in Iran.

Our Iran Desk team consists of international, cross-practice, and local lawyers, led by Atousa Mahmoudpour, a British and Canadian qualified lawyer working in the legal field since 2008.  In addition to her western qualifications and experiences, Mahmoudpour has obtained five years of hands-on experience living in Iran running an international legal practice.

The team guide their clients across the network on legal and business matters related to Iran.  This network approach is particularly important given the lifting of the sanctions pursuant to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreed on 14 July 2015, and implemented on 16 January 2016, which presents an opportunity for many foreign entities to enter the Iranian market and for Iranian companies to merge to the global trades. 

"In this rapidly growing climate, our approach is to meticulously utilize our Iranian and internationally trained experts to advise clients on recent updates on the sanctions regime, business development, Iranian laws and regulations, corresponding international laws and regulations, updates on business opportunities, and to link them to the right entities through our strong and vast business relations and network," said Atousa Mahmoudpour, Head of Iran Desk at Fichte&Co.

Our Iran Desk provides legal and business advice focusing on the following areas:

Sanctions and International Compliance;

Projects and Infrastructures;

Legal Presence in Iran, including establishing JVC, JSC, BOT in both public and private sectors;

Taxation and Labour Regulations in Iran;

FIPPA and related Foreign Protections in Iran;

Inbound and outbound investments;

Exclusivity Rights;

Negotiations, Amendments of International Contractual Agreements;

Introductions to Iranian Entities interested in business opportunities in private and public sectors;

Legal Opinions on Iran-related matters, including any legal transactions and disputes;

Business Development;

Business Negotiations;

We have been advising international corporations in both private and public sectors on their Iranian disputes, sanctions issues and risk advisory matters, including providing strategic advice on business risks, both before and during the implementation of Iranian sanctions. 

We have worked during the evolving landscape of legal and commercial opportunities in relation to Iran, and have assisted numerous international corporations on navigating their businesses and creating legal presence, while complying with the international regulations related to Iranian sanctions. 

Furthermore, we have advised our Iranian clients on International laws and regulations and have assisted them to establish partnerships with foreign entities in medium to large size transactions. 

Our areas of expertise cover industries such as:

Oil and Gas;


Food, Hospitality, and Public Relations;

Retail and Fashion Industries;

Automotive Industry;

Shipping and Freight Forwarding;




Infrastructure and Constructions;

Insurance and Reinsurance; and

Media, and Telecommunications;

"We have the full capacity to assist interested entities to invest or to establish a presence in Iran. 

We will walk the client through every step from introductions to the right Iranian entity, bypassing any unnecessary and time consuming initial meeting, and going straight to the decision maker of the entity, to accompany the client in meetings and to ensure a productive and expedited process, to advise the client on the right structure based on the client's needs and the industry involved, to negotiate deals with counterparties and to successfully conclude the transaction within the expected timeframe.  We subsequently will assist the client become accustomed to the Iranians laws, and regulation in order to be fully informed and therefore protected", added Mahmoudpour.

Finally, we have the expertise and experience to offer the same services to our Iranian clients, wishing to establish businesses abroad or to establish a partnership with foreign entities. 

This unique type of legal and business service includes familiarizing the Iranian clients with the corresponding foreign laws, and how that can affect the business transactions, assisting them to attend meetings, successfully conducting negotiations and to help achieve their final goals in establishing fruitful business transactions with foreign entities.

About Fichte and Co.
Fichte and Co. is an international commercial law firm, which was established in Dubai in 2005. The firm's team of international legal experts provides counsel in the Maritime, Corporate and Commercial, Litigation and Arbitration.  Fichte and Co. provides corporate legal support to a variety of sectors including financial institutions, real estate and construction, oil and gas, transportation, telecommunications and retail.



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