UAE drivers seek respite from rising global fuel prices
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Posted: Mon July 23, 2012 3:08 pm

UAE. With fuel prices continuously on the rise, the fuel efficiency of vehicles and how to maximise each tank is an issue at the forefront of many drivers’ minds.

The UAE’s Federal National Council (FNC) Committee as recently as May of this year urged the Government to increase subsidies on petrol and fuel prices, so that they match those in other Gulf countries – which could make the price of fuel cheaper by up to 60 percent.

“The FNC’s report suggests that fuel prices in the UAE are the third highest in the Arab world, only after Syria and Tunisia, and with the numbers of registered car owners continuing to shoot up year on year in the country, UAE drivers should employ some methods to maximise their car’s efficiency,” said leading industry expert, Asad Badami - Managing Director of A-MAP.

Research shows that manual cars are more fuel efficient in the long term when compared to an automatic, however with the inevitable traffic delays and ever-changing road landscape, most car owners choose to drive automatic vehicles.

A-MAP, one of the UAE’s leading automotive part suppliers is a genuine ‘made in the UAE’ success story, having expanded by an astonishing 300 per cent since 2009 and established operations in Africa, Asia, and North America - an achievement largely down to a burgeoning reputation as a go-to supplier and re-exporter of world-class stock such as Solite batteries, Asimco brake pads, Fenix tyres, and RBI rubber products.

Some tips for drivers to maximise their fuel consumption in automatic cars:

• Using cruise control allows the car’s computer to make the microscopic adjustments to perfect the fuel dosage required for long distance, steady-speed driving.

• According to the EPA, idling contributes to as much as 17 percent of fuel consumption, which can be reduced by shifting into neutral while waiting at a red light. Given the heat of the region it’s tempting to leave the car on while standing for a prolonged period of time like waiting for a friend in the car park, to keep the air conditioner on, but turning the engine off is a sure fire way to reduce consumption.

• Every hundred pounds of excess weight that your car is carrying reduces gas mileage by one to two percent, so it is recommended to only keep absolute necessities inside such as jumper cables, spare tyre, and an emergency kit.

• UAE traffic sometimes forces drivers to stop-and-start drive, on a regular basis; however the less stop-and-start driving undertaken, the further the car can go on a tank of gas.

• Underinflated tyres can reduce mileage by 0.4 percent for every 1-psi drop in pressure of all four tyres, so checking tyre pressure regularly and ensuring they are at the right level can increase fuel-economy.
About A-MAP
A-MAP specializes in the distribution of aftermarket automotive spare parts, automotive batteries, tyres, and lubricants. Headquartered in the 'bustling trading hub' of Dubai, UAE, A-MAP operates a network of branch offices in Asia, Africa, and North America.  With world- leading portfolio of brand names such as Solite, Fenix, Asimco, RBI, Crown, and Strada, A-MAP has mastered supply chain management systems to deliver the ultimate in client satisfaction.

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