First Egyptian poll reveals overwhelming support for Amr Moussa
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Posted: Mon February 21, 2011 1:15 am

UAE. These are the findings from a YouGov Siraj poll, on behalf of Al Aan TV, of 1871 Egyptian residents, conducted between February 15-20.

Almost half of all Egyptians (49%) believe that Amr Moussa, the secretary general of the Arab League, is the man most capable of leading the next Egyptian Government. Other potential Presidents, Ahmed Zewill (13%) & Ayman Nour, Mubarak’s 2005 Presidential rival (1%), trail Moussa by a huge margin. Almost 1 in 10 (9%) believe former Vice President, Omar Sulieman, should be Egypt’s new leader. The majority (81%) of Egyptians believe that the army will facilitate free and fair elections.

“This is the first transparent political poll ever run in Egypt. Although it’s obviously early days, the support for Moussa appears to be overwhelming, however it is interesting that Sulieman still has some supporters” says Sundip Chahal, Chief Executive Officer, YouGov Siraj. “If Sulieman’s support is at these levels now, despite being a part of Mubarak’s former government, then it does give him a surprisingly solid base to build from should he decide to run”.

In the survey, a “transparent judicial system” and “transparency in governance” are the two democratic values, that Egyptian’s would most like to see improve under any new Government.

However respondents state that the immediate priorities of any new Government are “political stability” and “security for the masses”.

When asked about how they feel Egypt’s relations with Israel might change, 40% believe that relations might deteriorate. This is in direct contrast to relations with the EU, where almost half (49%) of Egyptians believe relations will get better. Most Egyptians believe relations with the US will stay the same (53%) and 1 in 4 (26%) believe they will get better. However, 27% of Egyptians believe that the US will use the current turmoil in Egypt to advance its own personal goals (19% believe Israel will do so). Only 2% of Egyptians believe that Al-Qaeda will attempt to capitalise on the current situation.

The overwhelming majority (85%) of Egyptian’s believe that Egypt’s overall situation will improve now that Mubarak has gone, with 77% believing their own personal situation will improve.

About YouGov Siraj
YouGov Siraj is a full-service market research company, specializing in online polling. YouGov Siraj has the region’s largest pure research panel of 250,000+ members, who respond to surveys. The company has particularly strong analytical skills, with research specialists who have many years regional experience. YouGov Siraj acts as a research consultancy for clients on research projects of any size, outsourcing face-to-face and telephone, ensuring the very best service the region can offer. It is a subsidiary company of YouGov Plc in the UK and applies the same online methodology, which has proven levels of accuracy.

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Al Aan is a pan-Arab satellite broadcaster based in Dubai Media City, available free-to-air on Arabsat or Nilesat, offering original and innovative infotainment programs. The channel's aim is to educate as well as entertain while addressing the needs and aspirations of a young, dynamic and modern Arab woman, to whom the channel is a friend and a guide that broads her horizon and helps her plan her life and her choices and get the best for her family. Now Al Aan TV provides services to viewers in France via the IPTV operators "Free" and "SFR" in the new Arab bouquet Arabia.

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