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Etisalat introduces unlimited mobile broadband
Source: BI-ME , Author: BI-ME staff
Posted: Mon January 11, 2010 3:10 pm

UAE. In a remarkable move, Etisalat has introduced the unlimited data package at a reduced price of AED395(US$107.6) per month, with customers now saving more than 14% on their Internet usage.

The reduction in price follows Etisalat’s announcement last week to upgrade its 3.5G network to support HSPA+, an advanced technology that provides download speeds of up to 21Mbps and upload speed of 11Mbps, which is now the highest speed available across the Middle East region.

Etisalat’s price reductions on the unlimited (10GB) data packages further benefits customers with a host of convenient features and uses.

While moving around, executives, tech savvy young professionals and entrepreneurs stand to save on accessing e-mail, surfing the net, downloading music and videos and using various applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Online gaming, GPS and instant messaging right from their 3G devices and Smartphones such as iPhone HTC, Nokia.

Mr. Khalifa Al Shamsi, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Etisalat pointed out that Etisalat customers already benefit from the best performance when they use Etisalat’s extensive broadband coverage of over 99% of the UAE’s populated area.

The advanced network supports 21MBps which translates into Etisalat customers enjoying the very best performance on their mobile devices / 3G devices while staying seamlessly connected to 3G network.

“Etisalat’s data package permanent reduction is announced to align with the customers’ need and the increase in demand for mobile broadband services following the introduction of Smartphones in the UAE,” he added.

The price reduction further enables customers to stay in touch by using the latest technology while on the move across the country by using 3G data card, mobile modem and HSPA wi-fi modem.

HSPA wi-fi is a trendsetting mobile broadband service which enables customers to simultaneously connect up to five Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets by using one SIM Card.

Etisalat has also introduced new compatible models for HSPA+ technology, customers can select one of these devices from any Etisalat business center or outlet.

For more information about 3G data packages and other 3G services, customers can visit or call the customer service hotline on 101 



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