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LG intruduces 3G touch watch phone in Dubai
Source: BI-ME , Author: alsteph_sgadmin
Posted: Thu September 10, 2009 10:44 am

UA. LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communications, has announced that the UAE will be one of the first markets to introduce its eagerly-awaited Touch Watch Phone (Model: LG-GD910) to the general public, following its customer debut in France.

Scheduled to go on sale in the UAE mid October, the Watch Phone makes its mark in history by being the first 3G phone in the form factor of a watch to be publicly available outside of a spy movie.

“Our Watch Phone is far more than just a prototype with a price tag,” said HS Paik, President of LG Electronics, Gulf.

“This phone is fully functional and rivals top luxury watch brands in terms of style, comfort and durability. The engineering that went into making our Watch Phone a reality -- especially the touch technology -- is unmatched in the industry.”

LG has long been a leader in touch technology, which is a crucial element of this one-of-a-kind device. In 2007, LG released the world’s first full touchscreen phone, the PRADA Phone by LG, and has continued to improve on its technology ever since.

The Watch Phone is the beneficiary of all of LG’s research and development in this fast-growing area.

“Designing such a small touchscreen like the one on the Watch Phone is far more difficult than designing a larger one,” explained Paik.

“In order to be usable the screen has to be far more precise and far more sensitive than the technology that’s currently available. For the Watch Phone, we were able to develop a very high resolution 1.4-inch screen that is extremely responsive to user commands and easy to read.”

Touch technology was not the only engineering challenge LG faced in creating the Watch Phone. Miniaturizing the components presented its own set of challenges that required innovative solutions.

The final product that LG engineers unveiled wasn’t only small, it included all the features found in some of today’s most advanced mobile phones: compatibility with 3G HSDPA networks, video calling, MP3 player, speaker phone, water resistance and Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is what sets the Watch Phone apart from all other miniature phones that have been conceptualized in the past.

Unlike in the movies, holding a watch phone up to one’s mouth when making a call is far from practical or comfortable. Bluetooth technology is a key component that makes LG’s Watch Phone a practical reality today and far less conspicuous when taking a call in public.

The Watch Phone also incorporates LG’s most advanced voice recognition and text-to-speech technology allowing for voice commands and audio text messages for those times when one’s eyes are focused on something else, such as the road.

LG’s Watch Phone not only surpasses the best of what Hollywood had to offer in terms of features, but also in the category of looks.

LG used only high-quality materials and worked with some of the top industrial designers to create a communication timepiece that fashion-conscious trendsetters would feel comfortable wearing for any occasion.

Following its customer debut in France, the Watch Phone will be rolled out in the UAE mid October and will retail at AED 4399 (US$120)



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