KPMG partners Al Rajhi in the education sector
Source: BI-ME , Author: BI-ME staff
Posted: Mon March 16, 2009 10:25 am

SAUDI ARABIA. KPMG Al Fozan and Al Sadhan participated in the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement with Suleiman Al-Rajhi University (SRU), Qassim in the presence of Dr Khalid bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi the founding committee member of SRU. KPMG was represented by its Senior Partner Abdullah bin Hamad Al Fozan.  The ceremony was also attended by Professor Saleh bin Abdullah Al Damegh the university chief supervisor and Mr Peter Hynes KPMG Partner in-charge for this project.

SRU- located at Bukaireya/Qassim – is a non-profit university that is envisioned to be a state-of-art university that offers a world class education. SRU strives to achieve international distinction in education and research and to be the leading university in community development. The actual study at SRU is planned to start in September 2010.

The agreement between KPMG and SRU forms the basis of an extensive and intensive effort by the University and KPMG to build a world class organizational and operational capacity of SRU which will help SRU to play a key role in the development and enhancement of the education sector in Saudi Arabia.

KPMG was selected for this major project based on its strong track record in the education sector within the Kingdom and internationally. KPMG has brought to the table its vast global experience along with its local team to provide Suleiman Al-Rajhi University with a unique offering that will ensure a world class university is established in Qassim.  The university seeks to primarily focus on delivering medical and health science education, and will also include a university hospital to serve the local community as well as the doctors-to-be.

Abdullah Al Fozan said: “This agreement is a fantastic opportunity for KPMG to further demonstrate its commitment to developing the Kingdom in both the public and private sectors. We are particularly happy to be working with Al-Rajhi Foundation, a name that requires no introduction and is renowned for its commitment and leadership in serving the Kingdom.  The Kingdom has taken many strides to establishing a world class education sector and we are proud to be associated with another major light for Saudi Arabia."

He further added: “We are proud of the team we have put forward for this project, it brings together people with deep education sector experience along with the high quality professional business services required to ensure the university is supported from day one with best in class operations”.

Dr Khalid Al-Rajhi said: “KPMG was a clear choice for us given their ability to present to us a complete solution from concept to reality, using appropriate resources from their vast global reach.  This bears testimony to their well deserved position as one of the fastest growing companies in Saudi Arabia and we look forward to the successful completion of this project and insha’Allah many more.

"The university is established on the idea of the founder that the delivery of high quality education to the youth of the Kingdom is essential to ensure the development of the Kingdom for future generations. The university will seek to provide a Medical College, a Nursing College, an applied medical sciences college and a specialised university hospital serving the local community of Qassim and the Kingdom as a whole."

KPMG said it is committed to serving the Kingdom in all its sectors and is rightly proud of the great pace of development the Kingdom is witnessing and it is particularly proud to be amongst the forerunners in turning this vision into reality for all Saudis to enjoy.



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