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Jean-Marie Riachi set to enchant the Middle East music world
Source: BI-ME , Author: BI-ME staff
Posted: Sun February 22, 2009 12:00 am

UAE.  The region’s most innovative music producer and composer, Jean-Marie Riachi, launched Belaaks, his very own musical journey creating a timeless album.

Featuring Lebanese superstars, Ramy Ayach, Yara and Abir Nehme, Riachi has re-created classics adding his personal touch to the music to give the track a fresh new feel.

“Belaaks is a collection of my all-time favourites the way I see them, the way I feel them. Starring well
known voices and a few undiscovered talents, the album is the result of a musical journey that was fuelled by my passion for music. This is an invitation to share in my experiences that lead to the creation of this timeless album,” commented Riachi.

Produced under his own independent record label, Oreole Records, the story of Belaaks began in Orsay,
Paris where 'Encontros e despedidas' and the music for the other 13 tracks including 'Shefto mn biid', was recorded live in Val d’orge Studio. The album was then completed at JMR Audio Productions studios in Beirut where Riachi added vocals.

Daxar is the official distributor and Virgin Megastore is the retailer of Belaaks; speaking on the album,
Nisreen Shocair, Head of Daxar Music said: "Jean-Marie Riachi is a musical phenomenon and this album
further illustrates a collective genius that superimposes oriental with western music to present Arabic music in its purest form. We wish Jean-Marie Riachi success with his new creation and are excited to present Belaaks to his ever-growing fan base who appreciate what he has done and continues to do for the Arabic music genre.”

Riachi began his career in 1999 with 'Baddi Doub' performed by Elissa, which immediately climbed the
charts. Since then he has worked with well know Arab artists such as Haifa Wehbeh and Carole Samaha.
Riachi’s career grew internationally when he contributed to the soundtrack of the documentary movie 'Les
Cendres du Phoenix' and produced 'Nour El Shams' by Pascale Machaalany, the theme song of Hollywood
blockbuster, 'Spy Game'.

Belaaks is exclusively distributed in the Levant by Viva Entertainment and worldwide by Café del Mar (Ibiza Music). Belaaks is also available on iTunes and digitally distributed by Platinum Records MBC.



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