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The world's first turning timepiece building in Dubai
Source: BI-ME , Author: Justin Smith
Posted: Tue June 24, 2008 12:00 am

UAE. Never before in the history of architecture has a structure been designed to emerge, that moves in sync with the earth, sun and time.

Dubai, positioned on the 55 º East longitude line, is little more than just an exotic getaway situated on the Northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. While residents and tourists experience temperatures that often soar to a melting 45 º C, a new dimension to living is adding some cool to Dubai.

360°Time World announced it will break ground on the world’s first turning timepiece building, the 55°Time Dubai on 8 August.

55º Time Dubai is a precision 'timepiece building' powered by the sun and scientific imagination, turning 360-degrees in seven days, offering 360-degree panoramic penthouse views to all apartments providing a new view of the city every day.

55°Time Dubai, the winner  of the international CNBC award for best 'High Rise' architecturally designed building of 2007, will be the first of 24 timepiece buildings to be constructed around the world all  turning in complete synchronisation utilising unique rotation technology under licence from 360°Time World.

The designs of the individual timepiece buildings will be the product of internationally renowned designers and architects incorporating the latest in eco friendly technology.

Press conferences and releases, planned for New York, Prague, Moscow, Delhi, and Hong Kong, are being organised to enable the architectural vision and passion behind the timepiece buildings to be brought to the notice of the world.  Information will be given to explain the ethos of 360°Time World, on how the timepiece buildings are to be constructed and what they will bring, not only to the cities within which they are situated, but also to the world.

"The 360°Time World approach will explain how the buildings harness the power of nature making them iconic, architecturally unique and eco and people friendly,” said Tav Singh the Director of 360°Time World.

55°Time Dubai holds a government of Dubai (RERA) approved development licence. The developer together with Meraas Holdings, a newly-established prominent entity in Dubai, are close to finalising a joint venture agreement in respect of the development of the 55°Time Dubai tower.

The engineering team, includes engineers: Nick Cooper of Bennett’s Associates (engineers UK), Glenn Howells (concept architects UK), James Abbot of P&T (construction architects Dubai), and the project is managed by Gautam Kulkarni of KPMC (Dubai),. Hand over of apartments is expected by November 2011.



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