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Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan presents white paper to European Parliament
Source: BI-ME , Author: Justin Smith
Posted: Tue November 27, 2007 12:00 am

JORDAN. Former President of The Club of Rome, HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, will present the white paper 'Clean Power from Deserts - The DESERTEC Concept for Energy, Water and Climate Security' to members of the European Parliament and hand it over to its President Professor Pottering, in Brussels on 28 November.

The paper describes the vast potentials of deserts to supply secure, clean and cheap power to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EU-MENA). The authors of the white paper are proposing a solar co-operation between the technology belt and the sun-belt, between Europe and the MENA region, to fight climate change "in a way that is economically, technically and politically feasible".

"We are in the middle of a defence situation against energy shortage, water scarcity and climate change. We need a defence and recovery strategy, defence and recovery measures, and a defence and recovery budget," said Dr Gerhard Knies, coordinator of the international Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation (TREC) network which developed the DESERTEC Concept in collaboration with scientists at the German Aerospace Center.

To resolve these problems The Club of Rome presents an international action plan. It foresees seven immediate measures to be implemented within seven years. The Club of Rome demands a budget €10 billion for an Apollo-programme like effort to implement the DESERTEC Concept.

Key technologies in the DESERTEC Concept are concentrating solar thermal power plants with solar heat storage for day/night operation and low-loss high voltage direct current transmission lines to bring clean power to Europe from the deserts of MENA.

The presentation in the European Parliament is staged by a cross-party group of four Members of the European Parliament - Matthias Groote, Rebecca Harms, Vittorio Prodi and Anders Wijkman - and by the Club of Rome initiative TREC.

As of 29 November the white paper and the action plan will be available as a PDF file at



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