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Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences joins project to map the Middle East DNA tree
Source: BI-ME , Author: Trevor Lloyd-Jones
Posted: Mon July 23, 2007 12:00 am

UAE. Dubai-based Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences announced this week it is proud to be a part of the 'National Genographic Project', aiming to map how humankind populated the earth. The project is supported by Family Tree DNA in the US, a firm specialising in “genographics” and having the largest databases in the field of Genetic Genealogy.

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences signed an agreement with Family Tree DNA in March, 2007 which will expand the research undertaken by Family Tree DNA by creating a database for the Middle Eastern population.

The goal is to allow everyone discover more about their recent or deep ancestral origins by comparing their DNA to as many people as possible.

Junaid Faruq, Marketing Director of Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences, commented: “We all carry traces of DNA from our ancestors. A simple mouth swab can trace your genetic line back to the beginnings of humanity in Africa and subsequently allowing a comparison with the database of genetic information, from thousands of men and women living all across the planet.”

Faruq also added that this type of “genetic mapping” is highly popular in the UK and US where the diversity in nationalities urges individuals to question where they come from, with fun and exciting results.

He said that Eastern Biotech has helped various people piece the puzzle of their familial origins and the company is willing to continue its effort to help people search the answers about their family line.

Recently, Italian Elisa Seminari received a surprising result after taking an ancestry test indicating that large proportion of her maternal ancestors came from Scandinavia.

Eastern Biotech is directed by Dr Faruq M Badiuddin FRCS. The company provides world-class healthcare services to its global customers by introducing new biotechnological products and services through its advanced research of diseases relevant to the Middle East region.

As part of the corporate body of Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech), Eastern Biotech has created a vast distribution network covering the length and breadth of the Middle East. It is making a continuous effort to bring the latest healthcare services to the GCC market such as genetic profiling, by which people can compare their DNA samples with their family members and predict if he/she has inherited certain malignant genes, which may give rise to conditions such as cancer or deafness.

Note: Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences became one of the corporate client entities of DuBiotech in November 2005. Its vision is to promote the health of the people of the United Arab Emirates and the region through the introduction of biotechnological products and systems, and through research into the diseases relevant to this region, especially genetic disorders, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

The company brings over 50 years of combined healthcare experience through its directors. The board of Directors is headed by Dr FM Badiuddin, MBBS, FRCS, a surgeon with an active practise in Laparoscopic and Bariatic Surgery. Dr Justine Badiuddin is a practising Gynaecologist. Junaid Faruq, Director Marketing, is a graduate in Biotechnology from the Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. Dr Sanjida Ahmed, Research Director, is a PhD in Cell Biology from Yokohama City University, Japan. The company is currently operating through an office out of the Dubai Media City.

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences is also promoting a project in UAE to establish and operate a centre of excellence for the management of obesity. Obesity is a “disease” which affects more than 30% of the local population of this region. In partnership with CERT the company aims to further expand its offering in education and training to have an even greater positive impact on the UAE society and to ensure a regional and global growth cycle.

The long term objective of Eastern Biotech is to make a significant contribution to finding biotechnological solution to the modern day diseases which are going to become a major health issue of the future, such as diabetes and obesity. The focus initially will be on gathering epidemiological data in the region and conducting clinical research. Once the technical facilities at Dubiotech are completed, the company will progress to genetic research on these diseases in the years to come.

The company is online at



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