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Posted: 02-08-2011
SAUDI ARABIA.  The chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, who has been the driving force behind the decision to build the world's tallest tower in Saudi Arabia, announced that the construction contract has been signed today. Kingdom Tower, with a height of over 1,000 meters, will begin construction imminently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Kingdom Tower will be the centerpiece and the first construction phase of Kingdom City, Jeddah Economic Company's (JEC) new urban development of more than 5.3 million square meters of land in the
Posted: August 5, 2014
UAE. Second quarter 2014 net profit is US$ 236 million; revenue is US$ 764 million; Malls, retail and hospitality revenues for half-year 2014 are US$721 million, 52% of the total revenue.
Posted: August 5, 2014
UAE. "These contracts are also an excellent example of our ability to deliver on highly specialised assignments around the world."
Posted: August 4, 2014
UAE. Agreement in line with the bank's strategy towards building a high quality asset portfolio of top names aligned with the growth of Dubai and the UAE.
Posted: August 4, 2014
UAE. Cityscape Global grows 20%; Dubai "leads Arab world" as model for future cities; Emphasis on excellent design key to retaining investor interest in UAE real estate market.
Posted: August 4, 2014
UAE. The developer reported a quarterly net profit of 506 million dirhams.
Posted: July 31, 2014
LEBANON. St. George Residences, the latest real estate project developed by Mokbel International Group, is striving to create a unique living experience.
Posted: July 31, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. India remains one of the world's largest economies, and under bold new leadership is working furiously to evolve into an even stronger international destination. The country has been attracting major international real estate brands and billions in funding, but some still fear the worst.
Posted: July 28, 2014
UAE. Topping the rankings for the most searched communities in Dubai amongst prospective buyers is Dubai Marina, according to
Posted: July 27, 2014
QATAR. In the long run, the dynamism and innovation of the private sector is expected to drive growth and development with the government focusing on creating the right physical and legal environment to encourage that process.
Posted: July 24, 2014
UAE. The recent Budget Statement looks set to bring about a sea change in the tax regime surrounding domestic and international investment.
Posted: July 23, 2014
UAE. Colliers' Capital Flows Quarterly Report highlights Middle East investors' appetite for alternative product including hotels and serviced apartments.
Posted: July 23, 2014
UAE. Net Profit for H1 2014 Notches up AED114.6 million, an increase of 145% from AED46.6 million for H1 2013; Launched bespoke hotel apartment project "The Atria" in Business Bay in Q2 FY14.
Posted: July 22, 2014
UAE. Office, retail and hospital sectors remain steady; The market continues to be dominated by Government related investment with short-term demand being fuelled by new major government backed construction projects.
Posted: July 22, 2014
UAE. Yas Mall to house new shopping concept set to be the largest department store in the region comprising 200,000 square feet of prime retail space.
Posted: July 21, 2014
UAE. Arabtec fell to the lowest level in a week as some investors questioned the government's support for the UAE's biggest publicly traded builder.


date:Posted: August 22, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. By 2040, Africa will experience faster economic growth than any other region and is expected to have the biggest labour force in the world; By 2030 Dar es Salaam and Luanda could have bigger populations than London has now.
date:Posted: August 21, 2014
INTERNATIONAL. The report found there are 15 million middle-class households in 11 of sub-Saharan Africa's top economies this year, up from 4.6 million in 2000 and 2.4 million in 1990, an increase of 230% over 14 years.
date:Posted: August 21, 2014
UAE. "The establishment of QIFs aimed at sophisticated, high-net worth investors is a welcome development which reflects the fact that a one size fits all approach to regulation is not appropriate."
SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia set out draft proposals on foreign-shareholder limits as one of the world's most restricted stock markets prepares to open its doors for the first time to investors outside the region.
INTERNATIONAL. I think one of the big fallacies in people's thinking about the Iraqi oil sector has been the focus on who's making money producing the oil. The bigger impact is on consumers.