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Posted: 11-07-2011
UAE. Cluttons, the real estate specialist that has enjoyed a dedicated Middle Eastern presence since 1976, today announces its market report for Dubai’s Hospitality sector in Q2 2011. According to the report, Dubai’s hotel sector has benefited from the Emirate’s political stability within the Middle East region, with strong performance in occupancy levels and length of stay. With a total of 8.3 million visitors(1) in 2010, Dubai is still proving to be a popular and an attractive destination among tourists and visitors. Overall hotel occupancy in Q1 2011, peak-season for Dubai, av
Posted: November 27, 2015
UAE. Pressure has been felt on revenue for Dubai City Spas owing to the increase in walk-in guests -typically local residents - as opposed to in-house guests, according to Colliers International's Dubai Spa Benchmark Report.
Posted: November 25, 2015
UAE. Answering consumer demands, with 60% of UAE residents ordering take-away at least once per week; DST Global leads US$100 million Series D investment.
Posted: November 22, 2015
UAE. Arabian Travel Market 2016 Travel Tech Theatre line-up to identify customer engagement opportunities in the race to improve conversion rates with online bookings in Middle East forecast to grow from 25% to 36% by 2017.
Posted: November 20, 2015
UAE. Report commissioned by Amadeus defines the six "traveller tribes" or segments that will emerge by the end of the next decade; 32% of travellers from the Arab Region are "Simplicity Searchers", who value above everything else ease and transparency in their travel planning and holidaymaking.
Posted: November 20, 2015
UAE. Deloitte report reveals the golf industry's contribution to Dubai's sports industry; Golf accounts for a quarter of total sports expenditure and contributes 30% to sport's total economic impact in Dubai.
Posted: November 20, 2015
UAE. Deliveries worth US$270 billion through 2025, with a 3-5% reduction over 2014 forecast; Share of MEA in five-year global demand remains below historical range of 4-7%.
Posted: November 18, 2015
SAUDI ARABIA. 31 major debt deals completed in 2015, excluding sovereign issuance; Largest deal was Aster DM Healthcare's acquisition of 57% stake in Sanad Hospital; Saudi debt deals, excluding sovereign issuance, totalled US$ 32.4bn in Q1-Q3.
Posted: November 17, 2015
UAE. The highly evolving retail market in UAE, not only has grown to be the first shopping destination in the region but it continues to attract shoppers and retailers alike from around the globe.
Posted: November 16, 2015
UAE. First in the region to successfully introduce an automated Traveler Document Authentication System, using the latest innovations on offer to deliver a smooth passenger experience.
Posted: November 14, 2015
INTERNATIONAL. Milipol Paris 2015: The global security market in its broadest definition has, for the first time, surpassed the 500 billion euro mark in 2014 (507 billion): 5.8% against 5.2% the previous year.
Posted: November 13, 2015
UAE. "The 2015 Dubai Airshow has been very positive for Boeing as we strengthened alliances with partners, secured key commercial airplane orders and met with senior government leaders and customers."
Posted: November 13, 2015
UAE. Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2016 is being held from March 8th to 10th, as part of Abu Dhabi Aviation and Aerospace Week.
Posted: November 13, 2015
UAE. The event strenghtened GE's deepening relationship with the Middle East's leading aviation players.
Posted: November 12, 2015
EGYPT. "Security checks using the new x-rays started immediately following their installation as an additional security measure," says the head of the airport.
Posted: November 12, 2015
UAE. Network International report based on credit and debit card transactions; Top three tourist spenders continue steady growth: US (15%), Saudi (29%) and UK (17%); Luxury takes a fall.


date:Posted: November 26, 2015
UAE. Legal experts say move will influence oil major investment plans in Iran ahead of the lifting of sanctions; Lawmakers likely to be mindful of "missed opportunities" in Iraq and Lebanon.
date:Posted: November 25, 2015
UAE. EMAAR, Shell, and Emirates lead The LinkedIn InDemand list of the most sought-after employers in the region based on millions of interactions from members; Rather than relying on questionnaires, InDemand measures the actual behaviour of professionals as they explore their career journey.
date:Posted: November 24, 2015
INTERNATIONAL. Commodities still under pressure; Oversupply in the oil market continues to be a concern; Gold consolidating as December rate hike now priced in.
UAE. "Middle Eastern interest in African investment opportunities has been noteworthy historically given that Sub-Saharan Africa is just next-door. Over the last decade, Dubai logistics and air travel have become Africa's hub and link point for China and the rest of Asia."
INTERNATIONAL. Robotics is making this new area of medicine possible. Cary G. Vance, CEO of Hansen Medical Inc., tells The Life Sciences Report about disruptive advances in interventional radiology and Hansen's own revolutionary robotic catheters.
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