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Posted: 01-08-2011
UAE. The winds of change whipping through the Middle East during the Arab Spring of 2011 never quite made it to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The country’s strong, oil-fuelled economy and robust public spending have acted as a protective shield from the region’s storm of pro-democracy protests. UAE citizens, who make up less than a fifth of the country’s 8.2 million residents, are among the most privileged in the world. Assisted from birth to death by funds from the nation’s oil wealth, they also have the social advantages that come with living in one of the region’s most
Posted: December 15, 2017
UAE. ADFCA affirms role as auditing body for safe food practices; Jenaan signs deal to set up infrastructure to rear organic chickens in the UAE.
Posted: December 15, 2017
UAE. Khadamat, a Joint Venture between Mubadala and Serco, has successfully developed and implemented, at the UAE University in Al Ain, one of the most advanced Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) deployments in the Middle East.
Posted: December 14, 2017
UAE. Following on from successful series in Istanbul and London, Dubai Modest Fashion Week saw global faces, award-winning designers and VIPs take part in one of the world's biggest modest fashion movements.
Posted: December 13, 2017
INTERNATIONAL. Event to feature leading-edge developer, teenage software phenom; Conference will emphasize innovation and tackle emerging technology issues facing organizations and the internal audit profession worldwide.
Posted: December 12, 2017
UAE. "These awards are the result of strong, collaborative partnerships with our clients, contractors, and partners and we celebrate our successes with them."
Posted: December 12, 2017
SHENZHEN. The cooperation and achievements of the Royal Commission for Yanbu (RCY) and Huawei for Smart Yanbu Industrial City also establishes a good model for other cities.
Posted: December 12, 2017
UAE. Forty-four of the top 100 UAE-based companies have reported on their sustainability performance, according to a KPMG survey.
Posted: December 9, 2017
INTERNATIONAL. Now's the time for a bold, forward-thinking company to stand up and challenge the new, established way of accepting everyone's ideas as equally valid.
Posted: December 8, 2017
UAE. Light Middle East showcases leading global brands eyeing future growth in lucrative regional market.
Posted: December 6, 2017
UAE. MEED names 25 regional and international companies, as the best businesses in the GCC based on their contributions to the development of the region, at MEED Awards 2017.
Posted: December 6, 2017
LONDON. Business activity growth slows from October's six-month high; Sharp and accelerated rise in prices charged by service providers; Job creation remains subdued in November.
Posted: December 5, 2017
LONDON. For the first time, the record now provides guidance to help bridge crews record and manage cyber risks.
Posted: December 5, 2017
UAE. Middle East and Africa's first New Law legal service provider exceeds first year growth targets.
Posted: December 5, 2017
UAE. Aimed at raising awareness about the dangers posed on our roads by defunct lighting in cars, UAE motorists can get a free check-up on their vehicle lighting at selected service stations.
Posted: December 5, 2017
UAE. Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo is the only Organic and Natural trade show in MENA embracing the growing trend of natural and organic way of living and acting as the perfect platform for global brands to reach growing consumers.


date:Posted: December 15, 2017
INTERNATIONAL. AI will create 2.3 million jobs in 2020, while eliminating 1.8 million.
date:Posted: December 15, 2017
INTERNATIONAL. Nearly all (94%) device makers have invested in software development in the past five years; Nine in 10 (88%) believe the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving growth within the manufacturing industry; 84% have changed their business model to put software at its core in delivering services and generating revenue.
date:Posted: December 14, 2017
UAE. As the interconnection junction between network providers, cloud providers and the enterprise, Equinix has a unique perspective on IT trends and where things are headed.
UAE. Cisco's security research organization Talos says once this ransomware enters your system, it uses three ways to spread automatically around a network, one of which is the known Eternal Blue vulnerability.