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Posted: 08-08-2011
INTERNATIONAL. Kraft's recent announcement to split its operations into two publicly traded companies outlines a plan to create two different trading entities with distinct priorities and strengths. This is intended to help the company achieve the next stage of its ongoing restructuring process, since its acquisition of Cadbury in January 2010. Kraft is now bundling and spinning off its US Beverages, Cheese, Convenient Meals and Grocery segments, the non-snack categories in Canada and its foodservice operations, which are worth an estimated US$16 billion in sales in total. The larger of t
Posted: May 28, 2015
SAUDI ARABIA. Further growth expected in cosmetics and personal care sector; Latest statistics suggest sales of skincare products in Saudi Arabia are expected to reach US$502.9 million in 2015.
Posted: May 26, 2015
UAE. 89% of UAE consumers are more likely to buy from e-commerce platforms that personalise their content.
Posted: May 26, 2015
UAE. New signing brings authentic sports memorabilia to the UAE, with exclusive rights for FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
Posted: May 25, 2015
UAE. Deals in healthcare, oil and gas, petrochemicals and consumer goods are being considered, according to the firm's CEO; "Our aspiration is to be a US$5 billion - US$10 billion asset manager.
Posted: May 19, 2015
SAUDI ARABIA. After extensive negotiations between AHAB and the Steering Committee, the Company will present an enhanced settlement proposal at a Claimants' meeting to be held in Dubai on June 2nd.
Posted: May 18, 2015
UAE. Dubai has a presence of 55.7% of international retailers followed by Shanghai with 53.4%; Abu Dhabi ranks third place in top target market by new entrants; London retains top position as international shopping destination.
Posted: May 13, 2015
UAE. BPC Banking Technologies to spotlight payment solutions tailored to the needs of the Middle East's payments industry at Cards & Payments ME event.
Posted: May 13, 2015
UAE. F&B fleet operators need to focus on intelligent logistics, which includes real-time checks and proper drivers training.
Posted: April 30, 2015
UAE. Airline category witnesses highest online spend in absolute terms followed by hotels, household appliances, electronic products and travel related items.
Posted: April 30, 2015
UAE. 90% of top Indian business owners and founders reside in the UAE; Banking & Finance emerges as the top sector for C-level executives; Retail dominates owners and founders category.
Posted: April 28, 2015
UAE. The report presents the demand-supply dynamics of the GCC food industry across its countries and major food categories; Food demand in the GCC is driven by several factors including a growing population base, increasing affluence and rising tourist inflow.
Posted: April 28, 2015
UAE. The report provides an outlook on the global economy, a look at merger and acquisition activity in the consumer products industry and the importance of connecting with the connected consumer.
Posted: April 28, 2015
INTERNATIONAL. The Barcelona-based family-owned fashion and fragrance business reported Profit Before Tax representing 16% of Net Revenues, similar to 2013. Net Income was up 0.8% to 177 million euros.
Posted: April 25, 2015
UAE. Visa to bring global payments expertise to merchants, acquirers and partners in MENA region; Retailers meet to put spotlight on evolving retail ecosystem driven by innovative payment technologies and data based customer insight.
Posted: April 24, 2015
INTERNATIONAL. As Internet use spreads to older people, rural residents, and women, marketing and media companies face opportunities and challenges in evolving customer base, says new BCG report.


date:Posted: July 29, 2015
UAE. "The proposed introduction of an Insolvency Law can only be a good thing, as it has the potential to strengthen business confidence and boost inward investment into the region."
date:Posted: July 29, 2015
UAE. Investment values in Egypt increased in 2014; UAE, Lebanon, Jordan and Morocco continue to be active in venture capital investments, according to the latest "MENA Private Equity & Venture Capital" report.
date:Posted: July 28, 2015
SAUDI ARABIA. Study by Glowork highlights women's perceptions before graduation, shows regional differences within the Kingdom, and the need to develop part time jobs and internship programs.
UAE. Investment values in Egypt increased in 2014; UAE, Lebanon, Jordan and Morocco continue to be active in venture capital investments, according to the latest "MENA Private Equity & Venture Capital" report.
UAE. The Middle East has a unique set of challenges and opportunities with regard to creating large, mixed-use developments; In this interview, Louise Adams, Aurecon's former Country Manager UAE, describes the importance of investing in master planning and some of the current opportunities and trends within this region.